Best pillows ever!

I normally don't like memory foam pillows, but these are different with the shredded foam since they aren't molded in a particular form. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night every night like I used to with cotton stuffed pillows. (I am allergic to down pillows.) My neck feels like it has less strain on it and hurts less than the normal pain I always have from a prior injury.

- Kendra G.

It is perfect just as advertised and delivers as promised!!

Extremely satisfied. Thank you for being up front and honest.

- Mike Jennings

Very nice quality cushion for back pain.

I work at an office and with sitting all day long my back starts really bothering me. I use to use a back pillow but it never really did the trick. This pillow works great. I sit up higher in the seat which is a plus with my chair. My back feels better all day. This seat cushion is a blessing.

- Nancy M.

Best cushion EVER!

This is an amazing cushion! I will be ordering a second one so I have 1 for the house, 1 for the car. I find it especially helpful in longer drives. I know I won't be going anywhere without my cushion.

- Kal

Best pillow I've had in forever

Best pillow I've had in forever. So, so soft and comfortable, and easily moldable for your situation. I'm a side and back sleeper with neck problems, and this pillow really takes care of it!

- Tom M.

This works! Buy it!

This has really helped my sciatica! I am using it on my hideously uncomfortable office chair and it has worked. I highly recommend this cushion for home, office, car and on any chair.

- Sarah M.

Finally found a pillow I love

I have finally found a pillow that I absolutely love. I’m a side sleeper and this has been so helpful in keeping my head and neck in place. I absolutely LOVE that it’s adjustable. This is the main reason I bought this pillow. I am going to order another one because it’s so great for sleep that I thought it’s be good to use while watching tv on the couch. It doesn’t flatten and move all over the place like so many other pillows. Finally found one that works for me. I rarely have to adjust it and I’m actually sleeping through the night so much better.

- Calli T.

Pleasantly surprised

I am a side sleeper that has problems with neck and muscle pain in my shoulders. I am a die hard feather pillow person. Foam pillows make my neck hurt. They problem with feather pillows are they wear down so quickly. So I decided to try to find an acceptable alternative. I am really enjoying this pillow. It supports my neck but has enough give to be comfortable. It is cool to the touch and hold it's shape very well.

- Kelli P.

Just right!

I am very pleased with this! bought it for my office chair, as I have been having lower back pain and posture issues for a while. now if i can find one that goes on my chair back, I think that would help me really relax well. Almost bought a 2nd one for my car, but this is a little too wide, as the driver seat has some extra contours to it too. All in all, I would definitely recommend! Many thanks Xtreme Comforts! :-)

- Sheba K.

Soft and portable

Suffering from a back injury after a car accident, lumbar support is very important to me. This pillow is great and portable so that I can remain comfortable at my desk, in the car, or even sitting around relaxing. Easy to clean and effective! Worth a try, whether you already suffer with pain or just need to support so you don't feel discomfort.

- B. Garland

Love my new pillow!

I'm a stomach sleeper. This pillow is wonderful. It has taken away my neck and shoulder issues.

- Robin W. Major

Fixes dull lower back pain from driving

I drive for a living and have been searching for a product that would relieve that dull lower back pain. THIS IS IT!!! Most of the problem is not a hard seat in driving discomfort, its posture. This corrects and cradles the posture issue. You will be completely supported

- M.E. Knowles

Bamboo pillow

I have neck pain and nerve damage that makes it impossible to find a pillow that I can sleep on. And I have FOUND it! This pillow stays cool, shapes around the body any way you need support and it is making it possible to sleep comfortable. LOVE IT

- Billie Sanders

Quality product

Great sleeping pillow!

- F.A. Fisher

Great purchase for back pain

I bought this for my son whose office chair was creating major back problems for him because it was poor quality and he sat a lot on the phone. His co-workers have sat on his chair and are very jealous.

- Patricia F.