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As owners of  Xtreme Comforts we ourselves are sufferers of neck and back injuries that are constantly causing us pain and discomfort when we are sitting, sleeping, working or playing.

We were frustrated by the inferior design, quality and support of all the overpriced pillows and cushions on the market which were supposed to help but only aggravated our conditions and caused us more pain.  The products available offered nothing in the way of providing relief or better rest and comfort.

So many nights were spent sitting up in bed wide awake and frustrated, unable to get comfortable and fall asleep.  

We felt there really needed to be someplace to buy quality, well designed products that have the Comfort, Quality and Durability we needed at a reasonable price.

So we decided to do something about it!



We founded Xtreme Comforts and dedicated ourselves to achieving one simple goal..............provide comfort products designed to Give You Relief and Better Your Life!

At Xtreme Comforts, we constantly search worldwide for innovative ideas in designing and bringing to market products for our customers that can provide the relief, rest and comfort that their bodies need and deserve.  Priding ourselves on the quality, performance and comfort that our products deliver and remaining committed to our customers complete satisfaction has put us in a realm above and beyond our competitors.

That is who we are and what we are about!

Join the thousands of satisfied customers and shop with us today to experience the Xtreme Comforts difference.

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