How Wedge Pillows Can Help Your Back Pain and Boost Your Health

How Wedge Pillows Can Help Your Back Pain and Boost Your Health

Do you know that health and fitness experts are embracing the recent trend of using a wedge pillow in their everyday lives? They have begun to realize that improving health and well-being means placing equal importance on getting a good sleep at night, so your body has time to rejuvenate.

In fact, when your body is well rested, it has the ability to naturally recover from several pressing health disorders.

Ironically, when your body is not at ease – due to back problems and other health disorders – sleep no longer comes easily or deeply. This can worsen those conditions, leading to a vicious cycle of health problems.

A bed wedge can help turn this around into a virtuous cycle, so you are able to effortlessly slip into deep, undisturbed sleep. With this, you can quickly experience relief from symptoms, and accelerate your journey back to good health.

Here are 5 direct ways in which a simple bed wedge pillow can be used to address various health conditions and improve your well-being.

5 Ways a Bed Wedge Pillow can Boost Your Health

1. Back pain be gone!

Your backbone takes on quite a load both physically and psychologically to support your body and mind all day. But if the natural alignment of your spine is not maintained – due to drooping, incorrect sitting posture, uncomfortable bedding, etc. –it can put extra strain and pressure on your back that it just doesn’t need, causing a variety of aches and pains.

A pillow wedge is ergonomically designed to support your head, neck and back, and as a result, restores spinal alignment. You can use it when sitting at home, in your car, or even at your workplace so that you maintain the right posture at all times.

A shredded memory foam wedge pillow is useful when you sleep, as well, since it adapts to your body’s contour without losing firmness. With this, you maintain the right posture regardless of your sleeping position, whether it be on your back, stomach or side.

Some people may even choose to have a second pillow wedge tucked between their knees to provide additional support for the lower back, hips, knees and thighs. This kind of continued support and alignment will help you experience quick relief from back pain and is especially recommended if you are recovering from back surgery.

2. Combat glaucoma symptoms and excess pressure on the eyes

Your eyes are working constantly. In this modern age, they are bombarded with bright light from computers, smartphones and TV screens, creating an increased pressure within the eyes.

Over time, this excessive pressure can lead to eye problems like ocular hypertension and glaucoma, which can cause nerve damage and loss of vision. Unfortunately, glaucoma is detected quite late in its progression and cannot be completely reversed.

A study conducted in Korea in 2014 found that elevating the head by a mere 30 degrees could significantly reduce the pressure on the eyes.

A wedge pillow can do just this—it is designed to look like a half-pyramid, and when it is placed behind your head, either as a back sleeper or a side sleeper, it can provide the required elevation to take the pressure off of your eyes.

If you work on a laptop or your smartphone for more than two hours a day, it might be a good idea to support your eyes with a wedge pillow for sleeping at night. You should also consider washing your eyes with water using an eye-cup every morning, as this too can remove excessive pressure.

3. A pillow for your gut… Really?!

There is a reason the medical community recommends finishing your last meal of the day at least three hours before you sleep. The upper body needs to be elevated so that food can easily travel towards the stomach region for effective digestion.

If you are suffering from any digestive disorder – like heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion, or abdominal bloating– an acid reflux pillow like a wedge pillow can help you maintain the required elevation when you are in bed.

You can even use it in a sitting position, as you watch TV or read a book, before you eventually tuck in for the night.

Either way, the elevation provided by a bed wedge supports your digestive system to work more effectively so your metabolism quickly improves. This can be an effortless and simple way to restore your health.

4. Pregnancy woes no more

Pregnancy can bring its share of unexpected joys and aches. Many women may even struggle with acid reflux and swollen ankles during their pregnancy due to the weight gain. A pregnancy bed wedge pillow can help you in this situation, as it is designed to provide all of the above listed benefits and more.

The back-wedge can be used to support you while you are sitting, and it can also double up as an ingenious foot stool to rest your tired legs.

The pregnancy wedge looks like a large, fluffy, U-shaped pillow, and can be used in several different ways, including tucked between your knees. This supports your body on all sides, removing pressure from your entire back, hips and legs. With this, you can rest easily and be more comfortable during your pregnancy.

Best of all, wedge pillows do not lose significance after pregnancy, as they can be used as a nursing pillow to support both mother and baby—talk about a multiuse item!

5. Bring comfort to your recovery process

Your body needs extra care and support to recover quickly from an injury or surgery. A bed wedge pillow can be customized to different sizes, levels of firmness, and sleeping positions.

You can even choose a massive U-shaped bed wedge that fits perfectly on a queen-size bed and supports your body from all angles, in all sitting or sleeping positions. This will help you rest more comfortably, so you give your body the time and care it needs to heal.

Your body goes through a ton of pressure and strain throughout the day– especially with modern eating habits, desk jobs and sedentary lifestyle habits that prevent proper posture.

Do you know that you can enjoy additional benefits in a wedge pillow, like organic, anti-bacterial, and anti-hypoallergenic material with temperature control? These qualities can make a huge difference in the results you get using wedge pillows. See what kind of health boosts Xtreme Comforts can offer you today!