Wedge Pillow Solves the Noisy Problem of Snoring

Snoring is, by far, the most common form of sleeping problem. It is characterized by noisy breathing that is often detrimental to sleep and health. Snoring can be intermittent or nightly, and it can have a debilitating effect on the person who is doing the snoring and their partner. Though it seems to be more of a nuisance issue, snoring can cause serious health issues and require medical intervention. While there are many options to help with snoring, from changing sleeping position to surgery, there is one non-invasive method that will resolve the issue: a wedge pillow.

Snoring: What is it and What does it do?

Snoring is a hoarse or harsh sound that occurs when air flows past relaxed tissues in your throat, causing the tissues to vibrate as you breathe. Nearly everyone snores now and then, but it can become a chronic problem for some. It affects approximately 90 million American adults, 37 million regularly, and is a problem among all ages and both genders.

Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures, and the resulting sounds are due to obstructed air movement during breathing. While you sleep, the muscles of your throat relax, your tongue falls backward, and your throat becomes narrow and more flexible. As you breathe, the walls of the throat begin to vibrate — generally when you breathe in, but also, to a lesser extent, when you breathe out. The narrower your airway becomes, the greater the vibration and the louder you snore.

Snoring is often associated with a sleep disorder called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The condition occurs when the walls of the throat collapse so that it is completely occluded, creating the apnea condition. Apnea is essentially a cessation of breathing and is a serious condition that requires medical attention.

Several factors can facilitate snoring:

  • Aging: The natural aging process leads to the relaxation of the throat muscles, which adds to the probability of nightly snoring.
  • Anatomical abnormalities: Enlarged tonsils or adenoids, nasal polyps or a deviated nasal septum can cause exaggerated narrowing of the throat during sleep and can lead to snoring.
  • Functional abnormalities: Inflammation of the nose or throat during respiratory infections and allergies can also result in snoring.
  • Sleep position: Sleeping on your back is not a prescribed position for a good night’s sleep. Part of that is because it can cause snoring.
  • Alcohol and certain medications: Muscle relaxants taken in the evening may lead to or worsen snoring in some individuals. Alcohol is also a potent muscle relaxant, and its ingestion in the evening may cause snoring.
  • Obesity: Having excess weight, particularly, having a lot of fatty tissue around the neck will increase the chance of snoring during the night.


Sleep Apnea: When Snoring Becomes Dangerous

While snoring is annoying and sleep-depriving, when it becomes OSA, it can create some major health issues. If you are prone to snoring, you need to be aware of the following symptoms. If you notice that you suffer from any of these, you may have OSA and should see your doctor as soon as possible:

1. Breathing Pauses During Sleep

Pauses in breathing are the main feature of sleep apnea and also the scariest part of it. Those with OSA have more than five episodes of paused breathing per hour during sleep. Not only does that interrupt sleep, but it may also lead to other health issues.

2. Excessive Fatigue During the Day

Lack of sleep will cause sleepiness during the day. As such, consistent snoring/ apnea will lead to more and more fatigue throughout the day; it just adds up and up.

3. Difficulty Concentrating

With fatigue comes other issues, such as difficulty concentrating. This comes at the expense of day-to-day activities, such as social interactions and work.

4. Morning Headaches

With episodes of sleep apnea, you may wake up with a headache. If this happens often, you should seek the help of a doctor.

5. Sore Throat Upon Waking Up

As with headaches mentioned above, if you wake with a sore throat, and it isn’t related to allergies, colds, or flu, you should still seek out advice from your doctor.

6. Gasping or Choking at Night

Gasping or choking are symptoms of not breathing. When apnea kicks in and your breathing stops, it may cause the body to gasp or choke to return the breath that is no longer there.

7. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is when the blood pressure in your arteries is elevated, and your heart must work harder than normal to pump blood through the blood vessels. High blood pressure is often attributed to being obese, but it can also be an indicator that you are suffering from OSA.

8. Chest Pain at Night

Chest pain at any time of the day can be alarming. However, when it happens at night, it may be as a result of OSA. In either case, you should seek advice from a doctor immediately.

9. Abnormally Loud Snoring

Snoring can be a soft murmur or a loud growl. When a snore becomes so loud that it disturbs others’ sleep, you may be suffering from OSA.
There are all very concerning symptoms that may indicate that you have OSA. If you do have OSA, you can use a bed wedge pillow to help you alleviate the snoring symptoms and help you get some much-needed rest.

A Wedge Pillow Will Help with Snoring Woes

A wedge pillow for sleeping is a moderately firm foam pillow that has a tapered incline and can be placed on top of a standard mattress to raise your head during sleep. A pillow wedge can be advantageous to reposition your body and eliminate the onset of OSA. Gravity can work against you when you lie on your back. It may collapse your upper airway or lungs as the weight of your neck and abdomen shift, leading to OSA.

By providing you with the ability to lift your head and upper body, the bed wedge may help to avoid the upper airway collapse of OSA.

To use a wedge pillow, you place it under your head and upper back at night. Using one will ensure that you sleep with a gentle incline to help reduce the symptoms of OSA and other issues, such as acid reflux and heartburn.

While wedge pillows are a great option to help relieve symptoms of OSA, you shouldn’t settle for the first one you see. Pillows found in big box or department stores are not the best quality, as they are mass-marketed. Your sleep and rest are important; you shouldn’t trust just any run-of-the-mill pillow. Fortunately, Xtreme Comforts’ XW Wedge Pillow is high-quality and what you need to solve your snoring woes.

Xtreme Comforts’ Wedge Pillow Defeats Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

The XW Wedge Pillow is the high-quality bed wedge that you have been looking for. It has been specifically designed to provide comfort, support and sleep to those suffering from snoring and sleep apnea, as well as acid reflux, postnasal drip and back pain.

Comfort is built into this bed wedge pillow. Created with Xtreme Comforts’ 2-Layer exclusive deluxe Body Active Memory Foam, it will never go flat. It will maintain uniform in density and conform to your shape to reduce pressure points, help increase blood flow and provide support, comfort and the alignment you need. On top of all of that, this memory foam sleeping pillow has premium quality breathability! It truly is the soft, comfortable and convenient mattress pillow that fits your unique sleeping pattern.

Worried about dirt, grime or germs? With the Xtreme Comforts’ XW Wedge Pillow, you have a deluxe memory foam core that is not only supportive and comfortable but also bacteria resistant. Not to be outdone, the super-soft bamboo cover is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and breathable. With the quality zipper that extends fully around the cushion, you have the fast, struggle-free ability to remove the cover for washing. The best thing about that? It is machine-washable! Just wash in cold water and toss it in the dryer.

This wedge pillow is not a one-trick pony. Not only will it allow you to reduce symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea, but also you can place it under your knees for leg comfort and support, or behind your back while sitting for a comfortable reading pillow.

The Xtreme Comforts’ XW Wedge Pillow is truly the best bed wedge pillow you can get. If you suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, this is the pillow that will help to solve all your problems and relieve your pesky symptoms. 

The Xtreme Comforts’ XW Wedge Pillow is ready for you to buy — get it now and ensure you have a healthy, and quiet night’s sleep for years to come.