Wedge Pillow: The Cure for Nocturnal Coughing

Wedge Pillow: The Cure for Nocturnal Coughing

With cold and flu season on the horizon, many are preparing themselves for the onslaught of runny noses, phlegmy coughs and uncomfortable fevers. We’ll all catch something at some point, and it comes with feeling miserable and an overall inconvenience. What’s worse is it affects your sleep! Sleep is a precious commodity for most folks, and they hate to surrender it to nasty coughing fits and mucus build-up. At least there is a wedge pillow to help ease those nighttime woes.

Why Do I Feel Worse at Night?

It’s all bad enough, having to suffer through a cold or flu during the day, but then bedtime rolls around and you just wish it was morning again. At least when you’re upright you don’t have to deal with an incessant cough! So, why does a cough get worse during the night?

Well, there are several reasons a cough seems worse when we try to get some rest.

1. Gravity

When you’re sick, gravity is your enemy. It is by far the biggest reason we cough more at night. All the postnasal drainage and mucus you swallow or cough up during the day backs up and irritates your throat when you lie down at night.

2. Dry Environment

Dry air can aggravate an already irritated nose, throat and airway, making it itchy and encouraging you to cough. With that in mind, it is no wonder dry air will make your nighttime cough worse.

3. Your Body Is Just Doing Its Job

A nighttime cough is horrible and annoying. However, we mustn’t forget that it is a natural reaction of your body to help you get well. The coughing reflex helps keep your throat and airways clear by breaking up mucus.

Luckily, there is a simple method to aid with that annoying nighttime cough: A wedge pillow.

A Sleeping Wedge Pillow Soothes Nighttime Cough

Coughing becomes worse at night because a person is lying flat in bed. Gravity will cause mucus to pool in the back of the throat and cause coughing. The only way to combat this is to sit up or to lie on an incline.

In each case, it may not amount to the coziest of solutions. Sitting up is not ideal for sleeping and often leaves you waking up when you nod off or change position.

Not to mention the soreness and stiffness that comes with this sleeping position.
As for sleeping on an incline, there are many ways to accomplish this, but how many are comfortable? You can pile up your pillows, but if they aren’t designed for that purpose, it will just hurt your neck and make sleeping uncomfortable. Another option is placing something under the head of the mattress (such as wooden blocks) to raise it. Even though you are separated by a mattress, sleeping on wooden blocks doesn’t seem the most ideal. So, how do we fight against gravity and still get a comfortable night’s sleep?

Well, why not try a wedge pillow for sleeping? Sleeping with the head elevated can decrease postnasal drip and symptoms of GERD. It will also help to reduce heartburn or acid reflex if those symptoms are also present and aggravating the cough. While this can be done with the methods mentioned above, using a wedge pillow designed for that type of sleeping position will provide comfort and peace of mind, along with freedom from the nighttime cough.

There are many wedge pillows on the market, but Xtreme Comforts provides an excellent quality pillow designed with your comfort in mind.

The XW Wedge Pillow Is the Pillow of Your Dreams

The Xtreme Comforts’ XW Wedge Pillow is a triangular-shaped pillow wedge specifically designed to provide comfort, support and sleep to those suffering a cough, postnasal drip, colds, acid reflux, and even back pain.

The soft, quilted cover provides superior air circulation and breathability to keep you cool while standing up to tough everyday use. As well, the two-layer deluxe Body Active Memory Foam will never go flat. It remains uniform in density and conforms to your shape to reduce pressure points, help increase blood flow and provide the support, comfort, and alignment you need.

Worried about germs hanging on? The quality zipper allows for easy care of the removable cover, which is machine washable!

So, what are you waiting for? The answer to your nocturnal coughing is within reach. Order now for a better night’s sleep!