Warm and Cozy Throw Blankets for Your Home: A Buying Guide

Warm and Cozy Throw Blankets for Your Home: A Buying Guide

Throw blankets are an item that can add immense charm and comfort in your life in addition to offering a cozy and stylish hue to your home. They come in different designs, colors, and textures, which means everyone can find an ideal match according to their moods and personality no matter what their preferences are.

With tons of variety and different comfort levels, throws can be a great addition to any home. There is no limit of colors and patterns, and they can be used throughout the year provided you choose the right options. Throw blankets are an excellent way to add value to your home décor, too.

Throw blankets come in all sizes and styles, and if you need a great look for your bedroom, they are an excellent option. Whatever your purpose is, a throw can be the perfect choice to make your bedroom a bit more welcoming and comfortable. There is a queen blanket for every season, and depending on the thickness, pattern and styles, throws are super versatile additions to any household.

With no shortage of options for you when you want to use a throw for comfort as well as aesthetic looks, read this guide to find out more about blankets for your home.

7 Different Fabrics Used in Throw Blankets

1. Cashmere

Cashmere is derived from goats raised in India, Pakistan, and Tibet, and they are very fine in terms of texture.

Cashmere is one of the softest throw fabrics you can find and being very light yet strong, they can be a great choice if you are looking for optimum insulation as well as luxury.

This fabric is ideally used during the colder winter season, but if you want to keep your bedroom looking luxurious, there is no better option than a cashmere chunky knit blanket.

2. Cotton Throws

Cotton is the preferred choice for many as it provides a soft and comfortable feel that is soothing for the skin.

Cotton throw blankets are soft, and they last a long time. Cotton blankets do not entrap air and help to keep bodily temperature balanced throughout the night. They are also very durable, and you won’t have to learn rocket science to maintain and easily clean highly breathable cotton throws!

3.Fleece Blanket

Fleece is created from acrylic fibers, and they are extremely soft while offering cozy warmth unavailable in any other type of throw. You can use fleece blankets all year round and they will never burn a hole in your pocket even when they are very comfortable and highly attractive in looks.

4. Alternative Mink

Alternative Mink is a synthetic fabric that offers a smooth feeling and a very luxurious look. The material is fur-like, but it is not derived from fur so if you are an animal activist at heart, there is no issue in owning an affordable, high-quality mink blanket.

Alternative mink can provide a dramatic look to your space, if that is preferred.

5. Berber Fleece

If you are looking for a fuzzy blanket made of textile materials that are warm and soft, yet super lightweight, Berber fleece is a great choice.

It’s similar to fur, except that it is a synthetic fiber. However, Berber fleece is an ideal option for winters rather than summers, because they are often thicker and more heated in comparison to other soft throw blanket options.

6. Faux Feather

Now, here’s some good news for people who are allergic to some forms of fabrics. Faux feather is also a synthetic fiber, but it is completely hypo-allergenic for allergy sufferers.

Being much cheaper than real feather, it is a great choice if you are looking for a throw blanket with a limited budget. The only drawback is these are less insulated than a normal down blanket or a fuzzy blanket.

7. Sherpa Throws

Do you want an autumn or winter collection of throws? This is where Sherpa blankets come in. These throws are a bit heavy, but they are very popular and look great, making them an excellent choice if staying warm is a priority for you.

Sherpa blankets are often combined with fleece, with fleece used on the front layer of the throw, while Sherpa is knitted on the back.

It also comes combined with flannels and can even be mixed with faux fur that resembles sheep coats without harmful practice toward animals. It is a great choice if you are interested in a casual look.

Sherpa has been considered a great “couch blanket” traditionally, and there is a reason why it is perfect for winters. Adding Sherpa with microfiber quilts is also an option if you need a queen blanket that optimally accentuates your needs during the winter or fall.

What About the Best Summer Throws?

A duvet is too heavy and bulky in summers, and if you need a lightweight and thinner option, it is time for a summer throw.

If the weather is muggy, no sweat: stick to the basics and enjoy the comfort of an airy cotton blanket without having to sweat even a little.

Apart from cotton, linen throws can also be great options for summer nights. These are 100% natural fibers and they are very soft and airy. Being soft and cooler than most other plush blankets, they make a great option for hot weather conditions.

Linen throws may get a bit wrinkled during the wash, but they easily wick moisture away. Being great in dispelling heat makes cotton and linen blankets a stellar choice for highly balmy seasons.

Winter Time? Throw Blanket Time!

Animal wool fibers are a great choice for winter blankets and throws. Cashmere, wool, and alpaca are ideal options for the winter.

These are great for insulation and they trap warm air inside the blanket while you snuggle up with them during cooler temperatures.

Sheep’s wool is machine washable and they are also great for winters. If you choose to be luxurious, cashmere can be a favorable choice.

Goaty in nature, cashmere is a fabulous option for warmth in the winter. You may, however, have to do some hard work while carefully cleaning cashmere throws, but dry-cleaning is a fantastic way to keep them neat and shiny.

The silky-smooth alpaca is very lightweight, but it still does a commendable job of offering a cozy feeling during winters. Alpaca is a golden choice for outdoor adventures, too, as it is highly foldable and requires much less space than other types of blankets.

The warmest choice during winters, fleece is lightweight, yet it can provide a very warm atmosphere, which is why it is a great choice for the little ones in your home.

Add a Cool and Funky Color Accent

Whether you are looking for a neutral bedroom accent or a solid color, these fuzzy blankets will never let you down when it comes to looking colorful, even if the weather outside is not that inspiring.

Go for beige if you need a heavy accent, choose white if you are feeling minimalistic, and opt for cream if you need a dark feel. Color accents will never make your room boring—and a blanket is a great option to add such accents when you are moody.

For those who have a playful personality, a bold, seemingly bright and deeply colorful bed throw, including the blues can be an ideal choice.

Pink is also good for people who need special colors for accentuating their mood. For a more understated look, dark navy blue or leafy green throws can be ideal.

Grey throws are fine for offering a contemporary feeling to the space they are kept in. Often used in Scandinavian and minimalist bedroom designs, contemporary has always been popular around the world.

For an understated and highly neutral bedroom, pick throws that area grey, or deep brown. Such hues and cream offer a perfectly matching look for neutral and understated spaces.

Natural linen blankets and cotton also offer a tremendous value-addition to minimalistic bedroom designs.

White Bed, Black Throws

If you are searching for a dramatic and masculine feel, starkly monochromatic designs are highly striking if done well. With a white predominance and black accents, these combinations look light and simple yet very impressive.

Depending on how much shade of black and white are already represented, use a black and white mix in your room. Black blankets and white beds are a great option for those who want to look sexy yet benevolent.

Patterned Throws

Go for patterns when you do not want a minimalist or light, plain look for your space. Patterns can add a contrast matching with the colors already present in the room. For a highly effective look, go for full colors and abstract patterns.

Cream Throws for a Decorative Look

If there are lots of patterns already in the room and there is no shortage of colors, go for less colorful and pale designs. Here, cream blankets can be ideal to make the environment feel comfortable, gorgeous, and cozy.

Cream or a simple, white soft blanket or a bed throw may do the trick if simplicity is your first priority.

Live in Style

Throws and blankets can be the perfect addition to your space at home. Consider what your needs are and the type of fabric you’d like to incorporate, as throws are extremely versatile and range widely.

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