Vital Health Benefits of a Bed Wedge Pillow

Vital Health Benefits of a Bed Wedge Pillow

Until a few years ago, a pillow was a pillow was a pillow, serving as a headrest during sleep, and rectangular in shape. But today, this industry has exploded to include several scientifically designed models, which can have a potent effect on your physical health. The medical community is quickly embracing these new forms of bed pillows and the bed wedge pillow is one of such favored models.

So, How is a Wedge Pillow Different from the Common Pillow?

In terms of form, it is square on one end and triangular on the other. The overall shape looks like one half of a square-pyramid. In terms of function, it does two powerful things:

  • 1. It allows you to elevate parts of your body: Resting at an incline produces several health benefits. For instance, elevating your upper body can help regulate breathing and promote digestion. Elevating your lower body (like your knees, ankles, or feet) can increase blood circulation in that area, and help you recover quickly from injury.
  • 2. It provides complete support to critical areas of your body: especially like your spinal region and your knees. This promotes better posture even when you are at rest and can provide quick relief from several types of body aches.

 5 Major Advantages of Using a Bed Wedge Pillow for Improved Health.

1. Relief from back pain

There is an old adage that states, “Success requires one to have a strong backbone”. This quote has a deep meaning, both in the physical and metaphorical sense, as the quality of your backbone can hugely influence the quality of your life.

Many people suffer from back disorders, largely due to maintaining incorrect postures while sitting, sleeping, and on the move.

For this, you can get a foam wedge pillow customized just for you, with a variety of wedge pillows available for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and even specialized ones to use after an injury/surgery.

But regardless of their type, they are all carefully designed so that your spine is always correctly aligned, despite your sleeping position. This allows you to even toss and turn without hurting your back.

When your spinal posture is correct – meaning your head, neck, and back are in alignment – several metabolic activities are enhanced together, as blood flows more easily, food digests more quickly, and breathing is an empowering, hassle-free experience.

This will naturally lead to dramatic improvements in health, while also providing quick relief from back pain.

2. Relief from digestive disorders

Did you know that digestion is the most intense metabolic activity of the body? In fact, your body takes up maximum energy and resources for this exercise, to convert food to energy. But with modern, sedentary lifestyles, the average human is less active than he or she was 1-2 decades ago.

This has led to a rise in digestive disorders like heartburn, abdominal bloating, hiatal hernia, weight gain and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

GERD, or acid reflux, is a chronic digestive disorder that can occur in people suffering from obesity. In some cases, it can also happen during pregnancy due to weight gain.

In people suffering from GERD, the stomach and esophagus muscles are weakened, and allow food to travel upwards in the wrong direction, from stomach upwards. As you can imagine, this instantly leads to a host of related symptoms like nausea, vomiting, heartburn, chest pain, and throat pain.

You may be surprised to know that GERD does not develop suddenly. It starts mildly enough with heartburn, indicating a weakened digestive system. This creates shooting pain in the chest region as acid collects in this area.

With time, this grows into acid reflux, and eventually GERD. If this is also left untreated, it has the potential to turn into a fatal form of esophageal cancer.

While medical intervention is required to treat these digestive disorders, you can also find quick relief from its symptoms using a foam wedge. For most individuals who suffer from acid reflux, simply using a wedge pillow can work wonders for their symptoms.

If you are sitting – working in your office or relaxing at home – tuck a wedge pillow behind your back to rest your body at a slight incline.

The pillow wedge’s design will elevate your upper body and align your spine, so food flows more easily towards your stomach and supports digestion.

For maximum benefit, you should continue to provide this alignment by using acid reflux pillows for sleeping. You will be surprised to find quick relief from your symptoms within a few days of using the bed wedge.

3. Relief from breathing disorders triggered during sleep

For many people, their breathing becomes inconsistent during sleep, typically due to a misaligned sleeping position, and this causes them to snore.

You may think that snoring is harmless, annoying only to your partner. But many do not realize that if it is left untreated, it can lead to chronic breathing disorders like sleep apnea, where the breath frequently stops and re-starts during sleep. This is a serious health condition, with the potential to lead to a fatal heart attack or a stroke!

An anti-snore pillow can help address this issue in the early stages. When your head and chest are elevated along with an aligned spine, there is less possibility for air to get stuck in the entire region between your nose and lungs.

In fact, this posture promotes airflow between these regions, and improves your breathing at night. In turn, you will enjoy deep, snore-free sleep.

A pillow wedge can also help provide relief from tiresome ailments like nasal drip, chronic cough and asthma, where dust particles get accumulated in the nose, throat and chest regions respectively, causing congestion.

Due to sleeping posture, these ailments are known to worsen during the night, leaving you exhausted in the morning.

Again, the science is the same. With a wedge pillow, the posture is aligned to regulate your breathing and decongestion occurs, allowing your body to effortlessly ease into restful sleep.

4. Relief from circulatory disorders and pain

Varicose veins refer to a health disorder caused by poor or abnormal blood flow towards the leg region, thus affecting the nerves in this area. This condition can worsen during the night, as the pain caused by tired muscles interfere with your sleep and stop the body from naturally rejuvenating itself.

The same thing can happen with arthritis, where pain in joints ironically increases when you stretch your body during sleep. This again interferes with the body’s need to rest and heal.

A wedge pillow can provide relief from both conditions, and also from muscle spasms that occur after a strenuous workout. For this, tuck the bed wedge pillow gently between your knees. This will provide extra support to your lower beck, knees and legs.

In fact, this type of wedge usage can also come in handy during pregnancy, to provide relief from swollen ankles.

If you feel the additional need for upper back support, you can use a pregnancy bed wedge or side sleeper wedge pillow. This comes in a large U-shape and surrounds you on three sides to support your entire body.

5. Restorative care after injury and surgery

If you have recently suffered from an injury, or undergone a surgery, you are bound to be advised bed rest in order to give the body time to heal. During this time, you should try using a bed wedge to experience the extra cushioning and other benefits it can provide.

For instance, you can tuck it behind your head and back, in order to align your spine and enhance blood circulation. This will in turn help your body heal faster.

To combat pain in your hips and leg regions, you can push the bed wedge below and tuck it between your knees. This increases the support provided for your lower back, and relieves pain.

A side sleeper bed wedge is especially useful for those who need to avoid sleeping on their back. This provides extra cushioning and support for your entire body – head, neck, upper and lower back, knees and legs.

Finally, you can gain relief from leg pain or swollen ankles by elevating your feet with a bed wedge. You can even use your wedge pillow as a foot rest when you sit, so your legs are elevated, yet aligned. Again, this will increase blood flow in that area, and help the body heal faster.

Choosing the Right Bed Wedge Pillow for You

The good news is that you cannot go wrong with a bed wedge, as its design automatically aligns your spine. However, you may choose to customize your wedge pillow based on:

  • 1. Sleeping position: This includes back pillows, side sleepers, or slim fit bed wedges for stomach sleepers.
  • 2. Firmness: Shredded memory foam pillows are popular as they adapt to your body’s contour and do not deplete in firmness after continued usage.
  • 3. Size: The standard size is a 20-inch square. You can vary this based on your bed size (single/twin bed, king, and queen sizes are available).

Bed wedges from top brands can provide additional benefits like temperature control (using bamboo or gel-based pillows/covers), environment-friendly material, zipper compartments for extra fill, and long-term durability. To find the perfect memory foam wedge pillow, do not forget to check out these exciting offers from Xtreme Comforts on Amazon.