5 Valuable Insights About How a Wedge Pillow Promotes Healthy Sleep

5 Valuable Insights About How a Wedge Pillow Promotes Healthy Sleep

Sleep – a passive action that is meant to lead us into deep relaxation. You see, when done right, our sleep is meant to be:

  • Undisturbed
  • Restful
  • Rejuvenating

Health sleep revitalizes all our energies, and prepares us to take on a new, better day. You can imagine the profound impact it has on our overall system, especially when His Holiness the Dalai Lama himself recommends it and declares, “Sleep is the best meditation”. Indeed!

Yet, how many of us can lay claim to this high quality of sleep? In fact, it often acts as a leveler of sorts, as the poorest of men may enjoy many a night of deep sleep. Meanwhile, there are plenty of instances where the ultra-rich toss and turn all night, as they struggle to find a sweet spot.

Here, you will be surprised that the biggest impediment to deep, restful sleep is (incorrect) posture. Fortunately, this can fixed with relative ease. Here are 5 important things that will guide you about how a bed wedge pillow can promote healthy sleep.

1. Understand the Bed Wedge

A bed wedge is exactly what it sounds like: it belongs on a bed (or a couch), is triangular in shape, and is used as a resting/sleeping aid. In this sense, it is a lot like your favorite pillow and is hence also called as a wedge pillow.

But unlike an ordinary pillow that is made of cheap synthetic polyester or uneven feathers, a bed wedge is made of superior quality foam, which contains hypoallergenic polyurethane. This gives it more density and strength, with the ability to provide support to any part of your body.

2. Why You Should Invest in a Pillow Wedge?

If you have struggled through a sleepless night, you understand how sore your body feels the following day. Ironically, it is the condition of your body that often determines the quality of your sleep. So here is the catch.

If you suffer from any physical condition – including the fatigue that follows a good workout – it interferes with your sleep. This in turn aggravates the condition, so you feel even worse the following day. Yes, it is a vicious cycle!

A pillow wedge is ergonomically designed to suit the entire human body. With this, it supports not just your neck, but also other tired of ailing parts of your body.

This helps to even out your sleeping posture, so you enjoy an undisturbed night of deep, restful sleep. This in turn improves your overall physical condition. Now this, is a virtuous cycle!

3. How the Bed Wedge Pillow Helps to Overcome Physical Ailments

Sleeping disorders

As we shared earlier, it is all about the posture. If your upper-body posture is off especially during sleep, it can interfere in your breathing to cause sleep disorders like snoring or sleep apnea.

In its chronic condition, it can even result in a fatal cardiac arrest during sleep!

For this reason, we encourage you to use the humble bed wedge as a ‘sleep apnea pillow’, to fix your posture and regulate your breathing. This is also the reason loyalists call it the “anti-snore pillow”. Touché!


People often believe that colds and sinuses are triggered by allergens and flu-inducing seasons. But at their core, they are both essentially caused by disturbance in breathing.

They are also both bothersome conditions, as they neither allow you to stay active, nor rest without discomfort.

A wedge pillow comes in handy, as it can be used to elevate your upper body, improve blood circulation, and regulate your breathing. All these conditions will help ease any congestion within your lungs, so you can quickly get out of bed after a good rest.

Acid reflux

If you suffer from heartburn after a hearty dinner, you should be familiar with acid reflux, where the digestive enzymes flow in the reverse direction from your stomach to your lungs. This manifests as shooting pain in the region of your chest/heart.

Fortunately, this precarious condition can be easily fixed by using acid reflux pillows for sleeping. They elevate your upper body so the enzymes do not flow back in the wrong direction thanks to gravity.

You can also use an exclusively designed side wedge pillow for acid reflex, as this allows you to sleep on your side without experiencing discomfort or pain.

Hiatal hernia

This is another digestive disorder that also affects your upper body. In fact, with Hiatal hernia, you suffer from abdominal bloating in addition to heartburn.

Again, people are shocked at how easily this condition is soothed during the night, by a simple foam wedge. But of course, deep restful sleep through the night is an added bonus!

Recovery after surgery

The delicate rehabilitation period following a surgery is often crucial to its success. Your body needs rest even as it requires time to heal. Here, most patients find it difficult to stay comfortable in a bed all day, either due to the pain, or due to the sheer boredom caused by the sleeping posture.

Even if you stack a bunch of pillows behind to support you, your back continues to feel sore after a prolonged amount of time in the bed.

The wedge pillow helps you overcome these conditions as it can be used both in and out of your bedroom. You can use it while sleeping so your body is well rested. You can also use it while sitting on a couch, so your body is not unduly strained.

In fact, you will notice that the final posture is much like a hospital bed, which elevates your entire upper body. In turn, this resting frame enhances your blood circulation and your body’s healing abilities, so you recover comfortably in minimal time.

Knee pain

Imagine that you have exercised your muscles over a long run, or at a stimulating stint at the gym. When you do this every day without a break, your knees tend to feel the strain. Here, you can use a pillow wedge placed directly under your knees, to elevate, support, and soothe any pain.

You can use this on your couch when you are reading or watching TV, or on your bed as you get ready for a good night’s sleep.

Back pain/ injury

Your backbone plays a potent role in the quality of your life. This is true, both literally, and figuratively! A bed wedge can strengthen your backbone by helping you maintain a straight posture at all times.

Yes, even when you are watching TV or sleeping, as the wedge’s inclination ensures that your cervical spine and lumbar are ably supported, so your backbone remains firm regardless of your physical condition. Perfect!

(Here, you should also know that the same wedge pillow can be placed between your legs, to ease discomfort in the lower part of your back.)

Pregnancy-related issues

Pregnancy brings its share of woes and miracles. While the life you are newly creating is a genuine joy to behold, it comes with its share of vexations.

Your tummy feels heavier, and your back feels more burdened. Both conditions can be soothed by using a bed wedge. In fact, you can easily move it from your upper body to your legs to soothe soreness experienced during pregnancy.

4. Important Tips to Buy the Right Wedge Pillow

At this point, you are sure to feel positively on the numerous benefits of using a wedge pillow.

In fact, even without any adverse physical condition, try it for a few days and you are sure to become addicted to the high quality of sleep it can unfailingly deliver. Here are 3 vital suggestions to help you choose the right pillow for you:

Physical dimensions

The standard wedge pillow measures about 25-30 inches in length, 7mm in width, and 24mm in height. As you might have guessed, these dimensions are indeed proportional the average human size.

Here, make sure to check with your retailer to pick the dimensions that are best suited for your height and weight, and any other physical condition you wish to address. (For instance, a wider wedge pillow for acid reflex will help you sleep comfortably on the side.)

Quality of material

As a rule, wedge pillows are made of high quality foam. However, you may need one with higher density to support a back injury (or a pregnancy). Get your retailer’s suggestions on what kind will best suit your needs.


There is one universal rule that applies to your comfort: cheapest is not always best. At the same time, make sure you do not unnecessarily indulge your retailer with a top-of-the-shelf pick, when a basic one will do nicely for your needs.

5. Key Takeaway

A good night’s sleep is not only essential, it is also priceless in the way it positively impacts your overall mind/body system.

Here, we encourage you to disconnect from all electronic equipment (including mobile devices, laptops, TVs, bright lights, etc.), at least 30 minutes before bedtime. This way, both your body and mind are gently yet consciously eased into rest.

We also urge you to try out a wedge pillow for the sheer comfort it offers. It can seamlessly address several intangible elements that adversely affect your sleep – like stress, injury, incorrect posture, physical ailment, etc. – so you enjoy deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep, every single night of your life!

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