Use a Coccyx Cushion to Avoid Tailbone Pain and Keep Healthy Posture

Use a Coccyx Cushion to Avoid Tailbone Pain and Keep Healthy Posture

“Sitting is the new smoking,” almost all eminent health and fitness experts now claim, as they outline in excruciating detail the health risks associated with sitting for long hours. However, an extended sedentary position is often considered a necessary evil, especially those working in the corporate world as their work confines them to a desk for the better part of the day. Besides work, there are several opportunities where you might find yourself indulging in this seemingly hazardous activity: during a commute, killing time between tasks, relaxing at home in front of the TV, studying at school, and so on. It is this unfortunate reality that compels doctors to recommend the use of a coccyx cushion to limit the damage to your health.

A coccyx seat cushion is a specialized seat cushion for your butt. Yes, your butt. Aka the tailbone or coccyx. In fact, the coccyx is located at the tip of your butt. This is considered a vestigial organ, meaning that it is no longer in use by humans as we have evolved beyond the tail. However, this certainly does not protect it against the pain that is typically caused by excess pressure on the surrounding bones. This pain is often triggered by long hours of - you guessed it - sitting!

The health of the coccyx can also significantly influence the health of your back since it is located at the bottom of the spine. Physically speaking, it literally bears the brunt of your entire back. And when the coccyx is disturbed, it can de-stabilize your very backbone! This is where a desk chair cushion can come into play.

A coccyx memory foam cushion serves two important functions. First, it minimizes the damage caused by continuous sitting. Second, it also provides several health benefits by aligning your spine. Read to understand why and how you can benefit from using this unique seat cushion in your life.

9 Major Advantages of Using a Coccyx Seat Cushion

With a coccyx cushion you will get so many benefits, here are 9 of them.

1. Relief from Tailbone Pain

This is the first obvious benefit of using a coccyx cushion, as your butt area is now properly supported. In fact, if you observe the design of the cushion, it does not have the complete square/circle shape of ordinary desk chair cushions. It is shaped more like a horseshoe, with a noticeable gap in the middle. This is intentionally designed to relieve the coccyx region from constant pressure.

When you use a seat cushion for tailbone pain, it helps to physically elevate the base of your spine while also relieving the tailbone from constant pressure. This way, you can continue to sit for hours without straining or damaging your tailbone.

2. Perfect Posture

This is a natural extension of the above-described benefit. When your pelvic region is correctly elevated, it automatically provides a stable base for aligning your entire spine. An aligned spine is also an erect spine. You will find it natural to continue this perfect yet comfortable posture at all moments of your life, whether you are sitting or standing.

If you are familiar with gardening or even spend hours caring for your hair, you can understand the significance of this analogy. It all comes down to the roots! When the root is stable, the rest of the being is sure to thrive.

3. Relief from Chronic Back Pain

If you spend continuous hours sitting in your office chair, or any ordinary seat for that matter, then you may be familiar with unexplained back pain. This may not be due to a specific medical condition or injury. Instead, it is caused by throwing your back out of alignment.

This kind of pain can occur despite using an ergonomic chair. Most ergonomic furniture focuses on the upper portion of the spine and the leg region. With this design, the coccyx – which forms the very base of the spine – is often left unattended.

An unfortunate irony can occur from using ergonomic chairs: when the coccyx suffers damage, the spinal alignment is also impacted. This is the reason you continue to slouch or twist into uncomfortable postures, even while being seated in ergonomic furniture. When your lumbar region is disturbed, it affects your upper back, lower back, and even your hips. This can get worse if you are carrying extra weight. Therefore, you are constantly trying to find a comfortable position whether it be sitting, standing, or sleeping. Eventually, the discomfort will manifest as constant, shooting back pain.

A memory foam seat cushion addresses the root of the problem. It ensures that every part of your spine, from top to bottom, is rightly aligned. This tailbone cushion can also be used to gain relief from back pain resulting from injury or surgery. In fact, doctors often recommend this method over the use of addictive pain killers. It is also easily portable, so you can use this while driving, at work, and even when you are sleeping. For best results, this cushion must be used with stable back support for sitting postures.

4. Rock-Solid Support That Does Not Turn Stiff or Uncomfortable

Ordinary desk chair cushions can turn lumpy with continued usage and no longer provide adequate support. Coccyx cushions are memory foam seat cushions made from superior materials that provide two distinct advantages.

  • They shape themselves to the contours of your body, closely hugging it to provide consistent support. It functions much like a shock absorber for your tailbone.
  • They need to be refilled less frequently than ordinary cushions.

With this, you can expect to traverse a comfortable seating journey with your favorite coccyx seat cushion that spans across years instead of mere months.

5. Enhances Circulation

There is one simple rule for optimum blood circulation: your spine needs to be aligned and erect. This allows gravity to do its work so that blood flows seamlessly to all parts of your body. In fact, if you are suffering from a circulation disorder, it means that the spinal region governing that area is out of alignment. If this fixed, you will also get relief from circulation disorders.

A cushion for tailbone pain provides this alignment by stabilizing the base. In addition, the top of the legs are slightly elevated, so blood can easily flow down to the feet. With this, every part of your body is in the correct posture for optimum blood circulation.

6. Relief from Sciatica Pain

The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back region to each leg and is responsible for blood circulation in these areas. When this nerve is injured or damaged, you can suffer from shooting pain in the related areas (including lower back, hips, tailbone and upper legs).

Funnily enough, the sciatic nerve runs quite close to the tailbone. While the intent of the coccyx seat cushion is to provide relief to the tailbone region, it also inadvertently provides relief to the sciatic nerve that’s also found in that region. This is a pleasant side-effect of the coccyx cushion which now doubles as a sciatica pillow for sitting and provides relief from sciatica pain.

7. Ideal for Restorative Care

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, sitting can be a painful affair. And yet, how many hours can you lie on your bed without succumbing to boredom and frustration? The coccyx desk chair cushion can help take the edge off by making it more comfortable for you to take a break and sit on your couch. The base elevation helps protect critical points from excess pressure while also aligning your spine and improving blood circulation. This will also help you heal faster. For best results, use the coccyx desk chair cushion with a comfortable footstool to support your body weight in the lower region.

8. Good for Women After Delivery

When you give birth, your tailbone muscles go through heavy exertion in order to deliver your child safely. This results in soreness that can last for a while after birthing. Doctors recommend using a coccyx seat cushion to reduce this soreness, so every part of you is (pain) free to focus on your precious infant.

9. Suitable for Orthopedic Purposes

Coccyx cushions are also called orthopedic seat cushions since they aid corresponding treatments. In these cases, they are typically used with back support and a footstool so that major orthopedic points – like the tops of the shoulders, knee joints, ankle joints, etc. – are gently supported. The coccyx seat cushion is a favorite with senior citizens for this very reason. It may also be recommended by doctors as part of orthopedic treatments.

6 Important Features that Contribute to a Superior Coccyx Cushion

At this point, you are probably considering purchasing your first ever coccyx cushion for tailbone pain. While we are certain that you will never regret your purchase, there are some factors to consider first. You want to get the best specimen possible, so consider these 6 points when shopping.

1. Portability

The coccyx seat cushion is inherently portable. This means that you can carry it on-the-go, for use while commuting, at your workplace, or while resting at home. You could even invest in 2-3 pieces so that each space has easy access to its own exclusive cushion.

If you are a frequent jetsetter, look for inflatable seat cushions that for use on airplanes, so your journey no longer feels so weary. As a bonus, they fit nicely into your luggage without adding too much weight. You should also look for cushions with covers so you can easily wash them out once you are back home.
Finally, look for gel-based cushions. These are sturdy and can provide a cooling effect. This can be a boon on long-distance flights.

2. Versatility

Coccyx seat cushions come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. While they all provide the benefits listed above, some can be exclusively designed to provide additional benefits, like relief from digestive disorders, or as support for specific back injuries. For instance, there is a doughnut-shaped cushion that works slightly differently from the horse-shaped cushion. This means that you can have a customized coccyx cushion that is perfectly designed for you!

3. Size and Weight

The biggest is not always the best when it comes to coccyx cushions. However, you may have a unique situation that warrants a larger-sized cushion. Again, make sure to choose one that is portable and functional so that you get maximum usage and benefit out of it.

Side Note: Coccyx cushions can also be used on wheelchairs. They do not affect the maneuverability of the chair at all. For this, choose one that is not too heavy and fits comfortably into your chair.

4. Visual Appeal

This might surprise you, as you may have thought of the coccyx cushion only in terms of practical usage. In essence, don’t limit the possibilities of its use simply because it lacks oomph. There are doughnut-shaped coccyx cushions that are covered by pretty fabric, thus making them appealing as throw cushions for your couch. If a butt can land on a spot, it probably deserves a coccyx seat cushion.

5. Quality

There are some universal rules when it comes to pillow talk. Memory foam is better than ordinary cotton, or even low-quality feather pillows, as it contours to the shape of your body. Shredded memory foam is even better, as it does not get lumpy over time. Gel pillows are heavier (and sometimes more expensive) but have cooling benefits.

Regular pillows can also get harder with continued usage while bamboo pillows are light and provide cooling properties. Always pick a brand that offers machine-washable covers for the cushion, as this will help with hygiene maintenance. All coccyx pillows are great, provided they follow these simple rules.

6. Price

Typically, there isn’t too much price variation between high-quality coccyx cushions from reputed brands. If you trust the brand, the price probably does not matter. The exception lies with therapeutic cushions designed for a specific purpose (like seat cushions to also provide relief from orthopedic conditions, etc.). Accordingly, these types of therapeutic accessories will accordingly come with a higher price tag.

Useful Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Coccyx Cushion

Once you have bought your seat cushion, you might be curious as to how best to use it. Here are some expert tips to get this straight.


  • If you are using a coccyx cushion for therapeutic benefits, the first rule is to use it constantly - any time, any place. It is therefore truly worthwhile to buy one for your workplace, another for your car, and a seat or two for your home. They are indeed that effective, but only when they are consistently used. It is a good habit that you want to encourage.
  • (Note: you may need a different type to suit each environment. For instance, the cushion that fits perfectly in your car may not be comfortable on your office chair.)
  • This seat cushion delivers best results when combined with furniture that provides stable and ergonomic and back support. Supports like these mean there is no gap between the chair’s backrest and your back. If your chair is not designed this way then the benefits offered by the coccyx seat will be limited. Although it can still alleviate tailbone pain, it may not do much for your back.
  • This seat cushion works well in isolation, so it should not be combined with other cushions. In fact, topping it with a conventional cushion can neutralize the benefits offered by the coccyx seat.
  • You can use it with a footstool, as this cushion elevates your legs. This is especially recommended if you are short, or sitting on a tall chair where the height cannot be lowered. If that’s the case, you will find yourself stooping to reach your desk. 
  • Remember, it all comes down to the posture of your spine, so your back, butt, and leg region are in perfect alignment. 
  • When using a horseshoe-shaped seat cushion, place the open end towards the back of the chair. This is where your tailbone will rest as the gap is intentionally created to take pressure off your tailbone. 
  • Some styles offer a cut-out within the cushion. This is to accommodate ice packs or hot packs. (Yes, it is designed to support physical therapy in every way!) Of course, these may also come with a slightly higher price tag. 
  • Remember to keep your cushion clean and hygienic. Cushion covers are a big advantage in this regard. 
  • Finally, don’t forget to consult with your doctor, especially if you intend using ice or hot packs with your coccyx cushion. Where your health is concerned, the doctor may indeed know best!

Coccyx cushions are recent developments in the world of ergonomic and therapeutic accessories. They can provide immense relief from tailbone pain and several forms of back pain. Their portability makes them a must-have piece so you no longer damage your body when you sit.

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