Trouble Sleeping? A New Pillow Can Do The Trick!

Trouble Sleeping? A New Pillow Can Do The Trick!



If now and then, you find yourself having some trouble sleeping, you're not alone. Roughly 70% of adult Americans report they can't have proper shut-eye at least once every week.

There are plenty of reasons why Americans are struggling to get a good night's sleep. While it's true that, more often than not, these issues turn out to be clinical and more acute, sometimes, the answer is as simple as a trip down to the store or a few minutes browsing online - getting a new bed pillow.

Same as mattresses, pillows play a pivotal role in your sleep quality, although unfortunately, a less appreciated one. They will enhance your rest in no time - provided, of course, you find the right one for you. Speaking of which, at Xtreme Comforts [], you will most definitely find your next best purchase: be it a body pillow, a throw pillow, a neck pillow, or a bed pillow. Lastly, their products were voted the #1 Best Bed Pillow of 2018 by Wirecutter.



Why Should I Get A New Pillow?

1-Better Sleeping Posture.

We spend about 8 hours a day asleep (or at least we should be). Therefore, having a good sleeping posture is essential to your rest. You can achieve that with something as simple as getting your body into total alignment.

While there are many postures considered healthy, 41% of adults choose the fetal position to rest - after all, it is nature's best design. If you sleep in this position, you will need a proper pillow to support your neck, head, and shoulders to avoid that awful next-day pain and stiffness.

However, a good resting posture is not only limited to sleeping. If you enjoy reading a book before going to bed, you can benefit from a comfortable throw pillow to support your back while reading.

2-Not the Right Pillow.

Unfortunately, getting a new pillow doesn't necessarily mean you will sleep better with it - it has to be the right kind, too! For instance, have you ever heard of the term hot sleeper? You might be one without even knowing it. If so, you will need a specific pillow for better sleeping results.

Hot sleepers release much more heat and energy than cold sleepers while resting. Therefore, and just as with mattresses, they need pillows with breathable components and excellent heat transfer. Top Pick: The Adjustable Thickness Gel Fiber Filled Pillow with Cool-X Cooling Cover [] from Xtreme Comforts is, by far, the best pillow for hot sleepers because it stores away the excess heat you let out, keeping you cool at night.

3- It is Probably Long Overdue.

Ordinary polyester pillows have an average lifetime of only six months, while memory foam ones can usually last for as much as 36 months. Before they reach their limits, though, they will give you some red flags, such as:

  • You present sudden sniffles
  • Your pillow won't fluff
  • You can fold it in half (and it stays that way)

What Are Some Different Types Of Pillow?

1- Memory Foam

Developed by NASA in the early '70s and popularized by mattresses, memory foam pillows can come in one of two ways: solid-state and shredded. The latter one brings an extra benefit since they consist of several tiny individual pieces instead of a large solid one - making it more breathable. Memory foam pillows are some of the best in terms of great sleeping results, yet on the other hand, they can be quite pricey.


Down is the soft and fluffy feather layer found underneath the rougher feather batch on many birds. Most down pillows have goose feathers, and they excel at comfort and smoothness. However, some people might be allergic to them, and of course, down is not a good suit for vegans.

3- Latex

Although not as comfy as down, latex pillows know how to hold their shape, and they are also very resistant to mold, mites, and bedbugs. Usually, head-and-neck pillows, contoured to restrict movement during sleep, are made of latex.