3 Things to Know About Lumbar Pillows For Office

3 Things to Know About Lumbar Pillows For Office

Lumbar Pillows for Office Chair: Back Support Proven Critical for Spinal Health

Sitting in an office chair without adequate back support can create a great deal of stress on the lower back, particularly in people who work in an office or desk setting.

This can be attributed to the lumbo-sacral discs in the spine, which are three times more stressed while sitting as compared to standing. Poor seating posture without an adequate office chair pillow stresses the soft tissues and joints in the spine, which either causes or exacerbates lower back pain.

Today’s work culture and lifestyle is also part of the problem where long periods of sitting—during the commute to and from work, at work, at home watching TV or at the computer, and so on—cannot be avoided.

Poor postural habits, such as slouching in a chair or hunching over desks, develop in these situations.

Muscle tension and pain in the lower back and legs can also occur due to shifting weight forward while sitting in an office chair, which puts unnecessary pressure and stress on soft tissue, joints, and discs.

Here are 3 important things to know about back pain and how lumbar cushions can help:

1. Lumbar Support for Office Chair Is Key

The lordotic curve is just above the buttocks in the lower portion of the spine, which naturally curves inwards towards the belly. A lumbar support pillow fills in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, promoting good posture and supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.

It becomes more difficult to maintain correct posture without the right lumbar cushion, causing the lower back muscles to work harder to support proper spinal curvature and alignment.

Over time, the muscles holding the spine in such a position tend to become weak as the body ages and tires. To compensate for weakening muscles, the head and upper back lean forward. For most people, the natural tendency while working in an office chair is to slouch forward or hunch. Lumbar cushions are an incredibly simple and easy way to maintain appropriate posture.

2. Back Support Cushions Have Many Health Benefits

There is a range of health benefits that can be gained by using lumbar chair back support.

Good Posture

The health of your neck and back depend on your posture. By using a back support pillow, you can guide your body to the correct posture.

According to WebMD, correct body posture can enhance one’s appearance as well, proving that vast benefits are beyond health. Studies have proven that people, who tend to stand or sit with a good posture, look slimmer. Now that’s some great incentive to start using a lower back pillow!

Enhanced Blood Circulation

A quality back pillow with memory foam will help keep your weight evenly distributed while you are seated. This allows blood to flow through your legs, avoiding poor circulation. Your body is able to gain more nutrients with improved circulation, while eliminating body waste effectively.

Increased Comfort

An eight-hour day at work can take its toll on your neck, shoulders and back. Adding a back pillow for lower back pain and neck stiffness can help reduce this strain and provide a comfort boost.

Office chair back support cushions don’t just add comfort to work related situations, but also help you to unwind even more when you return home after work. In fact, these cushions can double up as lumbar support for car drives, as well.

3. Lumbar Pillows for Chairs Can Benefit Everyone

While people working in offices are the more obvious users of a lower back pillow since they stay seated for most of the day, these lumbar cushions can be beneficial for almost anybody in every aspect of daily life.

You can use these on your patio furniture while you relax and unwind after a long day to ensure maximum comfort while maintaining good posture easily.

Furthermore, a back pillow or seat cushions make ideal gifts for the elderly, since they can be used with rocking chairs. You can greatly improve the comfort of your loved ones by relieving the pressure from their backs.

Kitchen seat chair cushions can be placed around the dining table for the whole family to enjoy their meal while optimizing back comfort. This can be particularly useful for improving posture in young children and teaching them how to sit correctly. These are just some of the many ways you can ensure that your whole family benefits from the ergonomic design of a pillow for back pain.

A memory foam back pillow can provide the best relief regardless of where and when you need extra support while sitting. You can always benefit from this revolutionary yet simple cushion and improve the health of your spine for years to come by using it everywhere you go.

Whether you are working long hours at the office or relaxing on your back deck this summer, a memory foam lumbar cushion is the perfect way to support spinal health. Click here to get the back pillow that supports all your back-related needs at a very affordable price!