5 Things To Consider While Choosing a Back Support Pillow

5 Things To Consider While Choosing a Back Support Pillow

Do you know that the health of our backbone determines the health of our entire body?

For this reason, doctors commonly recommend the use of a lumbar pillow – to support and strengthen the spine, to ease muscle fatigue and pain, and to steadily relieve the body of several other health ailments.

With demand comes accessibility and confusing variety. Then how does one pick the correct back cushion that suitably addresses your unique needs? Here are 5 factors to consider while investing in a lumbar support pillow, so you always make the perfect choice.

1. Durability

The good news is that support pillows are immensely affordable. However, their cost-effective pricing should not intrude on their durability. Your choice of high-quality support pillow – whether as an office chair back support or as lumbar support for car – should be guaranteed to last for a long time.

Here, it helps to additionally consider the brand value of the manufacturer, and the existing reviews for your choice of product. Fortunately, a lot of them are easily accessible online.

2. Comfort

We should clarify here that that a chair back support pillow is undeniably comfortable on the back.

However, imagine that it is covered with a low-quality fabric that makes you sweat within minutes of usage. Would you still feel inclined to use it for long periods of time, especially in summer? Possibly not!

For this reason, ensure that your back pillow is made of high quality foam, and is covered with a non-allergic fabric that allows your skin to breathe. This way, you and your support pillow have a better chance of becoming best friends, quickly, and painlessly!

3. Versatility

Your lumbar pillow needs to have a unique combination of characteristics.

It needs to be:

  • Soft enough to be comfortable on your back, without poking it towards irritation.
  • Strong enough to support your back, without getting squished.

Together, this will give it the right amount of density and resistance that makes it a worthwhile support system for your hardworking back. As you can see, your spine deserves this rare versatility!

4. Flexibility

We hardly ever sit in one posture for long periods of time. Even when you are at work, your office chair back support is sure to experience a lot of movement, as you bend, stretch, incline, and attempt to remain active even when you are seated.

This movement can be even more subtle for the expected lumbar support for car. Hence it is important that your back pillow is flexible enough to closely adapt to your body’s shape and movement, without losing its shape or strength.

5. Cost

Do you notice how we have captured the bottom line literally at the bottom? This is not a concern since back pillows are not that expensive. However, we still urge you to do a comparative cost analysis with at least two other equal-quality products, so you are not inadvertently taken for a ride.

This will protect you from “cheap deals” that also translate into cheap products, which do absolutely nothing for your backbone. Conversely, you also want to stay away from bloated pricing, simply because it is a “specialized back pillow for lower back pain”.

As they say, it is all about balance. Comparative analysis can help you get there with minimal effort.

Choose the Best Lumbar Pillow for Your Needs!

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