These 7 support pillows and products could help you sleep better

These 7 support pillows and products could help you sleep better

More than a quarter of us struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep at night on a daily basis, research suggests, and more than two-thirds of Americans struggle to sleep at least once a week. So what can we do to get a bit more of that ever elusive shuteye? Invest in a sleep support pillow, that’s what.

Americans spend an estimated $41 billion on sleep aids each year, including sleeping pills, white noise machines and even sleep coaches. But the solution to a poor quality sleep could lie in something as simple as switching your bedding to something more supportive.

Support pillows and cushions aren’t just designed for individuals with injuries or medical complaints - many are made for everyday use among the general population, regardless of medical conditions. There’s a vast array of support products created specifically for use at night to promote more restful sleep, including cooling pillows, supportive wedges and memory foam mattresses.

Being uncomfortable in bed means sleep can seem further away than ever, but with the right support products, you could find yourself resting easy. Take a look at some of the most popular and practical sleep aids available from Xtreme Comforts and make the switch to better sleep.

100% bamboo pillow

Investing in a 100% bamboo pillow presents a variety of potential benefits. Not only is bamboo sustainable, it’s also reputed to be softer than top quality Egyptian cotton. A natural fiber made from the pulp of bamboo trees, bamboo is luxurious and can be used as a cheaper yet equally sleek alternative to silk.

Why a bamboo pillow could help you sleep better

Switching from a regular pillow to a top quality bamboo pillow could help you sleep better in a number of ways.

Naturally hypoallergenic - Bamboo pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and can help to repel dust mites and bedbugs, which are associated with causing allergic reactions. Bamboo itself is not a known allergen and may be better tolerated by people with respiratory conditions than other textiles.

Breathable - Bamboo fibers allow for efficient air circulation, which can help promote a better night’s sleep. Choose a pillow with a bamboo cover and bamboo stuffing too - not all pillows marketed as made from bamboo actually use the material in both the filling and the case.

Temperature regulating - Being too hot in bed can cause sleep disturbance and excess perspiration. Bamboo pillows stay cool by promoting the circulation of air. Bamboo textile is also super absorbent and able to hold three times its weight in liquid.

Memory foam pillow

Head and neck support are important factors in your comfort levels when sleeping. A memory foam pillow molds to the unique contours of your body to provide optimum support while you sleep. Neither too firm nor too soft, memory foam promotes a healthy sleeping position and may help to reduce neck and back discomfort.

Why a memory foam pillow could help you sleep better

Memory foam pillows are associated with a range of benefits:

Orthopedic alignment - Sleeping with your head at an angle can misalign the spine, putting pressure on your neck and back, as well as your hips and other joints. A memory foam pillow ensures proper orthopedic alignment for comfortable, undisturbed sleep.

Pressure relief - Pressure points from a poor sleeping position can cause wakefulness and discomfort during the night or the following morning. Memory foam is supportive and helps distribute weight, absorbing pressure.

Suitable for all sleeping position - Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, a memory foam pillow can enhance your comfort. Memory foam retains its shape, so your pillow will never go flat or lumpy with use.

Slimsleeper memory foam pillow

Pillows are a matter of personal preference, and not everyone likes to rest their head on a thick, well-stuffed pillow. A Slimsleeper pillow is thinner than the standard pillow yet just as supportive, thanks to its memory foam filling. Slim pillows are ideal for people who sleep on their stomach or just about anyone who has a penchant for a generally slimmer pillow.

Why a Slimsleeper memory foam pillow could help you sleep better

Switching to a slimmer pillow could provide the following benefits:

Prevents pressure - Fuller pillows may raise the head slightly and put the neck at an angle, which can cause pressure and discomfort. Slimmer pillows keep the head and neck level, which can help prevent pressure point pain.

Supportive for stomach sleepers - If you sleep on your stomach, you may find that traditional pillows are too thick for a restful night’s sleep. A Slimsleeper pillow is a whole two inches thinner than a traditional pillow, promoting quality sleep for those who like to lie on their stomach.

Aligns the spine - A thinner pillow promotes spinal alignment, especially for stomach sleepers. Thicker pillows many cause the body to bend backwards, creating stress, but a slim pillow helps to relieve stress from the spine and the cervical nerves.

Memory foam knee pillow

A memory foam knee pillow is a specialist product designed to be placed between the knees to aid restful sleep. Knee pillows help to align the body, which can reduce pressure. If you lie on your side at night and find it uncomfortable, a memory foam knee pillow could be the solution, relieving pain in the joints and muscles.

Why a memory foam knee pillow could help you sleep better

Memory foam knee pillows offer a range of potential benefits:

Relieves spinal pressure - In bed, a certain amount of pressure is placed on the spine. In turn, this pressure can cause pain in the back. A memory foam knee pillow absorbs this pressure, helping to reduce compression on the spine and the resulting backache.

Aligns the body - Sometimes, night-time discomfort or aches and pains the morning after sleeping can be caused by misalignment of the body during the night. Knee pillows promote alignment of the knees, hips and ankles, as well as preventing muscles below the hip from twisting, which can prevent pain and relieve discomfort.

Manage medical and other conditions - Knee pillows can be used after an injury to help rest the leg and prevent further damage. Supportive pillows are also ideal for use during pregnancy, or to relieve pain associated with medical conditions like sciatica.

Wedge pillow

If you suffer from lack of sleep because of backache, problems like poor circulation, snoring or acid reflux, a wedge pillow could make all the difference. Usually made from memory foam, bed wedge pillows can be used to provide extra support, raise the body slightly and alleviate the symptoms of medical conditions.

Why a bed wedge pillow could help you sleep better

Wedge pillows promote rest and relaxation in the following ways:

Opens up the airways - By lifting the head and neck slightly, a wedge pillow opens up the airways, which can be beneficial if your snore or suffer from respiratory conditions. A wedge pillow can also help to relieve the symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux.

Supports the body - Wedge pillows made from memory foam mold to the body’s contours, promoting a comfortable night’s sleep. Bed wedge pillows can also be used for extra support during pregnancy or when reading.

Elevates the legs - As well as being used to support the back and neck, a triangle wedge pillow can be placed at the opposite end of the bed to lift the legs. Leg elevation is often recommended for individuals who suffer from poor circulation, swollen feet or leg pain.

Cooling pillow

Many people find that being too hot at night causes insomnia and discomfort. When heat builds up between the sleeper and their pillow, it causes the individual to become too warm, sweaty and restless, which often results in tossing and turning. A cooling pillow is designed to keep you cool and comfortable in bed.

Why a cooling pillow could help you sleep better

Cooling pillows offer various potential benefits, including:

Regulates temperature - Cooling pillows are filled with special gel fibers created by NASA scientists. These fibers are made to pull heat away from the body during the night and store the energy, regulating the sleeper’s temperature without disturbance.

Enhances comfort - Maintaining a cool temperature can mean better, more comfortable sleep. A cooling pillow enhances comfort levels by enabling air circulation and heat transfer, preventing the sleeper from becoming hot, sweaty and restless.

Proper alignment - As well as keeping you cool, a high quality cooling pillow can also promote proper spinal alignment, supporting the body during sleep. In turn, this extra support helps relieve the pain and discomfort associated with pressure points and spinal misalignment.

Memory foam mattress

A memory foam mattress is specially developed to promote comfort and relaxation. If you struggle to sleep on a conventional sprung mattress, are disturbed by discomfort during the night or wake up with numbness, try switching to a memory foam mattress for extra support and relief.

Why a memory foam mattress could help you sleep better

Here’s why you should switch to a memory foam mattress:

Weight distribution - Sometimes, pain and discomfort during the night is caused by pressure points, which occur when the body’s weight is not evenly distributed. A memory foam mattress molds to your body shape, spreading the weight evenly to relieve pressure.

Pain relief - Memory foam is both soft and supportive, taking the strain off the back and ensuring healthy spinal alignment. By removing pressure from the spine, memory foam mattresses can help relieve any associated pain.

Better blood flow - If you suffer from numbness or tingling during the night, it may be the result of poor circulation. The right memory foam mattress can help promote blood flow, allowing you to relax and enjoy a deeper sleep.

If your insomnia is the result of backache, nerve pain, overheating or otherwise, it could be worth investing in a specialist support pillow or product. The broad range of support cushions and memory foam products offered by Xtreme Comforts is expertly made to relieve pressure and pain, correct spinal alignment and ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep. Take a look at our products here.