Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow by Xtreme Comforts Named Best of 2019

Shredded Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow by Xtreme Comforts Named Best of 2019

America is currently enjoying a shower of high-quality shredded bamboo memory foam pillows from stellar brands. But if there’s one brand with that exclusive edge, it seems to be Xtreme Comforts. It is THE brand that is getting consistently picked by top media houses as a top choice bamboo memory foam pillow. So, what makes this brand so exclusive, and a must-have investment for those who want to enjoy their nightly rest? Here is a glimpse of what the media houses say.

Praises for Bamboo Pillow

SleepAdvisor is an online magazine dedicated to providing authentic content, product reviews, and tips and tricks to enhance sleep quality. It considers the bamboo pillows from Xtreme Comforts among the “highest rated pillows of 2019”. In its review article, it highlights the following features:

  • Top quality material (“premium quality shredded foam”).
  • Slim, snug fit to the neck region, eradicating neck pain during sleep.
  • Designed for portability.
  • Unique technology that keeps its users cool all night.
  • Naturally resists allergens, so ideal for those suffering from asthma or allergies.
  • Designed perfectly for stomach sleepers.
  • Comes with a 6-year warranty against defects, and a hassle-free 30 day return policy.
  • Made in the US and committed to supporting the national economy.

As you can see, that is quite the bucket list of perfect pillow qualities! SleepAdvisor recommends Xtreme Comforts’ bamboo pillows for stomach sleepers only, which might be true for the customized model they reviewed. However, as that old adage goes, “One size does not fit all”. The Xtreme Comforts brand recognizes this and provides several models that can further be personalized for the user based on their sleeping patterns.

In fact, a similar review from Wirecutter – the renowned New York Times Company review site– also lists the Xtreme Comforts memory foam pillows as “the best bed pillow,” even rating it at the #1 brand position. In their review, Wirecutter recommends the pillow for back sleepers and side sleepers.

An equally glowing review was published by USA Today this month about Xtreme Comforts’ shredded memory pillow, recommending it for all sleepers.

You will be glad to know that these reviews are not conflicting at all, because at Xtreme Comforts, there is a perfectly designed memory foam bamboo pillow for every type of sleeper!

5 Benefits of Using Xtreme Comforts Bamboo Pillows

1. Fluffy comfort all night

The back and side sleeper pillows designed by Xtreme Comfort are advantageously cushy in a way that suits every need (evenly fluffy, thick in the middle, or slim fit).

The bamboo pillows come with a zipper compartment on the inside, so you can fill it up with additional fill as required. This makes it a completely customizable pillow that is perfectly suited for your choice of sleeping position.

2. Environment friendly

Environmental and “Go-Green” advocates will be thrilled to know that Xtreme Comfort memory foam bed pillows are chemical free.

The core material – bamboo – is organically grown and harvested, produced without harmful pesticides and chemical agents.

The company is also committed to supporting US-made products, while only using CertiPUR-US certified foam. This comes with stringent quality checks and is an extra bonus for environmental enthusiasts.

With an Xtreme Comforts bamboo pillow, you are choosing a product that is far away from fragile or toxic chemicals like mercury, lead, formaldehyde, and other ozone killers.

Further, it contains an element called bamboo-kun that has anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. This makes it safe for use under all circumstances –ideal for those with respiratory disorders like asthma or allergies, and even during pregnancy.

3. Long-lasting usage

This is a pillow that does not “deplete” over continued use, as it is created out of shredded memory foam with the ability to retain its density.

This means that you will only need to add fill to your bamboo pillow in the beginning, in order to personalize it to suit your needs. After that, it stays firm and cushy through the years. Yes, it does NOT turn into an uneven, unfortunate lump!

The best part is that the material is also “moldable”, adjusting to the contours of your body, so you are comfortably supported in the critical head-neck-spine region when you are asleep.

When you combine these features with its reasonable pricing, investing in this memory foam bamboo pillow is more than worth it.

4. Cool temperature control

The key word here is “cool”, as bamboo has the ability to absorb water at a rapid pace (it is 40% more absorbent than cotton).

So, when you sweat at night due to body heat generated, your trusted memory foam bamboo pillow steps in to break the sweat away quickly and without fuss. With this, you continue sleeping undisturbed.

Again, this is a conscious creation by Xtreme Comforts, making use of their micro-vented Kool-Flow technology to protect their bamboo pillows with a cool cover. Reviews have raved about this sought-after feature.

5. Reasonable pricing, with 6-year warranty

As a new user, you may find that shredded memory pillows are a tad more expensive than ordinary cotton pillows. However, their superior quality adequately makes up for the difference. They also last for years – beyond cotton and synthetic pillows – so it quickly turns into a smart investment.

In addition to this, Xtreme Comforts encourages its buyers to experiment with their choice of pillow and customize it to suit their unique needs by adding extra fill as required, experimenting with size and weight of pillow, and providing feedback on their products continuously.

They also offer a 30-day return policy that allows you to comfortably test the waters before you are fully committed.

Concluding Thoughts on Xtreme Comforts Pillows

The Xtreme Comforts brand has built a stellar reputation through the years and now has established a huge following of satisfied customers. In order to achieve this, they offer customers a dynamic assortment of safe, US-made, pesticide-free bamboo pillows, which are also customizable, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and stay cushy & comfortable despite long-term usage.

To sweeten the deal, they also allow customers a taste of their fluffy comfort, without the perils of unsuitable commitment, but with a hassle-free return policy.

With Xtreme Comforts bamboo pillows, you have a sure shot winner on hand. If you want to learn more you can reach out to