Restore Your Sleep and Health with a High-Quality Bed Wedge Pillow

Restore Your Sleep and Health with a High-Quality Bed Wedge Pillow

They say that a good night’s sleep can cure any ailment. In a world that thrives on constant, almost obsessive action, this is, unfortunately, a luxury that proves elusive to many. There are plenty of reasons attributed to this lack of sleep, including stress, physical fatigue combined with mental restlessness, tension caused by personal or professional expectations, health-related challenges, lack of time to prepare for bed, and so on. But did you know that many of these conditions can be easily neutralized by using a simple bed wedge pillow?

So, what exactly is a bed wedge? As its name indicates, this pillow wedge is modeled after a triangle. Here, the base is kept rectangular in shape, similar to a normal pillow. Unlike the conventional pillow, though, all four edges are elevated at an angle, forming a triangular apex. Behold the bed wedge!

Don’t let its unusual geometric shape throw you off, as a wedge pillow is not just a fancy name for a bed throw. In fact, it is a practical adaptation to help you combat many issues at once. The elevation provides all the comforts of a recliner while occupying a tiny fraction of its real estate.

This is especially useful in bed, where space is often a constraint. The bed wedge pillow for sleeping can also be positioned in several ways and offers instant relief for several health disorders. The benefits are plenty and often multi-dimensional, as you will discover in detail below.

How Does a Bed Wedge Help Improve Health?

With a wedge pillow, you have greater chances of falling into a deep, restful slumber, quickly and more easily. This, in itself, is advantageous for your health, as when the body is well rested, the natural immunity of the body kicks in and heals ailments. But the bed wedge also offers distinct health improvements as captured below, making it an incredibly useful therapeutic accessory. Here are 6 pain relief it offers.

1. Relief from Back Pain

This may come as a surprise to you, but bad posture is often the primary (and sometimes the only) reason for back-related illnesses. In this modern world, people put a lot of undue pressure on their back, like walking with a perpetual slouch, sitting for long periods in uncomfortable chairs, etc. As a result, the natural alignment of the back is disturbed, adversely affecting the curvature of the spine. In fact, many disorders can be healed simply by restoring the spine’s natural alignment. Yes, the body truly is that resilient!

When you use a wedge pillow for sleeping, its ergonomic design works with your spine to support it at critical areas, so your back remains aligned even when you sleep. This can be achieved regardless of your sleeping position. With this, you sleep deeply and wake up pain-free, feeling thoroughly refreshed. Perfect!

2. Relief for Digestive Disorders, Including Acid Reflux

A significant number of digestive disorders occur due to incorrect lifestyle habits and they can increase gradually over time. With this, the metabolism becomes slow, digestion is poor, and the body begins to manifest these problems through weight gain, frequent indigestion, abdominal bloating, acid reflux, GERD, IBS, etc. When left untreated, these disorders can even result in cancerous tumors in various parts of the body!

For optimum digestion, the upper body needs to be elevated so that food and digestive enzymes can flow easily down to the stomach. When the body lays flat during sleep, it is a delicate time for digestion since the food and digestive enzymes now have to flow against gravity in order to reach the stomach. In some cases, the food and digestive enzymes may naturally flow in the reverse direction, towards the mouth, causing nausea.

In the worst cases, the gastric acid in the stomach, which is required for digestion, also flows in the reverse direction towards the mouth, causing more serious disorders like frequent heartburn, acid reflux, GERD, and so on. This is the reason people are more likely to suffer from these symptoms at night when they rest their body soon after a meal (when digestion is still in process). The acid reflux pillows for sleeping are designed to address this specific situation. With these, you can still tuck in soon after a meal, as the bed wedge’s shape will ensure that your upper body continues to remain elevated to boost digestion.
You can also use this to gain relief from other digestive ailments like Barret’s esophagus, Hiatal hernia, and hoarseness. In fact, you can also use the bed wedge, safely, for infants and little children. A significant percentage of babies are prone to throwing up their meals until their digestive system is strengthened (hence the reason for burping them). So, grab a wedge pillow for acid reflux today, and keep digestive disorders at bay!

3. Relief from Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Your snoring may seem annoying to others, but it is distinctively harmful to you. Snoring itself is caused by confined breathing during sleep due to the posture of the body. This could be because of some kind of blockage (temporary or permanent) in your nose-throat region, and as you can imagine, anything that interferes with your breath is neither fun nor harmless!

Chronic snorers can also go develop sleep apnea over time, a condition where your breathing actually stops… and starts during sleep. You are right to be terrified by this! With sleep apnea, there is always a threat of incurring more serious, and possibly fatal, heart ailments, including those that trigger a heart attack!

So, is there a simple solution to these problems? Yes. The anti-snore pillow is designed as a bed wedge and intended to elevate your upper body, especially your nose-throat-lungs region. With this, gravity does its bit to make breathing an effortless affair. The blockages may still remain and may even need to be medically treated, but your breathing itself will not be direly threatened by it when you are asleep. The sleep apnea pillow is also recommended for those suffering from breathing disorders, like asthma or congestive heart failure, for this very reason.

4. Relief from Pain Caused by Vascular Disorders

You have already discovered how the bed wedge pillow boosts both digestion and respiration. But you should know that the same science can also be used to boost blood circulation. This is particularly helpful for combating pain caused by vascular disorders. Here, varicose veins are an intensely painful vascular disorder, caused by blood flowing in the wrong direction. Eventually, it affects the veins and causes constant spurts of throbbing pain. Doctors often recommend compression stockings to promote blood circulation and to reduce the effects of this disorder. Unfortunately, they also advise against wearing these specialized stockings to bed, leaving you vulnerable to pain during the night. So, if restful sleep continues to elude you, it is hardly a surprise!

This is where you bring in a bed wedge, or two, to gain relief from pain. The two wedges are stacked facing against each other and joined across the narrow end. In fact, you may have noticed a similar setup in hospitals, for a person recovering from fractures and other injuries in the leg region. As you may have guessed, this placement is strategic.

The first (upper) wedge elevates your upper body to promote digestion and respiration as well as blood circulation in that area. The second (lower) wedge is especially useful for promoting blood circulation in the leg region, thus advancing the body’s healing abilities. With this, you will also gain relief at night from the pain caused by the disease. This usage is also helpful for women during pregnancy as it can alleviate swollen ankles or knees. Additionally, the placement is supremely comfortable, making it easy for women to easily fall into their well-deserved quota of rejuvenating sleep.

5. Relief from Allergies and Sinusitis

The elevation provided by the bed wedge helps air to flow more easily between the nose and lungs, so breathing becomes effortless. In addition to this, a foam wedge is made of organic and chemical-free materials with an inherent breathable quality. This can provide immense relief for those suffering from seasonal or chronic allergies.

You should also try the bed wedge if you frequently catch colds. A cold, or even the flu, can be an annoying pain on any day, but they can get especially worse during the night. This is because the flat sleeping posture allows the nasal congestion to fester in the nose-throat region. With a bed wedge, the elevated placement can help drain out this congestion quickly and easily.

6. To Heal the Body Faster After Surgery or Injury

As you have now discovered, the simple design and elevation provided by the bed wedge naturally promote digestion, respiration, and blood circulation. This means that your body’s metabolic functions are performing at a higher capacity when associated with the bed wedge. This automatically boosts the body’s immune system and advances its healing abilities.

For this, use the placement suggested above, with 2 wedge pillows, to cushion and support both upper and lower parts of the body. You can also carry this placement outside the bedroom to support your seating posture. With this, you can still enjoy recreational activities like reading, watching the TV, or simply sitting, and be reassured that your body is getting the support it needs to heal, to become better and stronger much faster.

Using the Bed Wedge In and Out of the Bedroom

At this point, you understand the many therapeutic benefits offered by the bed wedge foam pillow and may have decided to buy them for your family. But how do you use it for your specific ailment? The good news is that the elevation offered by a bed wedge – typically between 30 degree angle – helps promote digestion, respiration, and blood circulation, regardless of its placement. You can, therefore, enjoy the health benefits outlined above regardless of the style of usage. It all comes down to your preferred position.

1. For Back Sleepers

Placement 1 - for a steep incline:

Here, replace your pillow with the bed wedge of your choice, positioned so the wide end faces down and the narrow end faces up. Now sit on the bed with your feet spread out in front of you, and gently recline against the bed wedge without leaving a gap between your back and the wedge pillow. You can move it to find a comfortable position. Just ensure that your back is supported and properly aligned.

This placement decidedly elevates your upper body, thus improving digestion, respiration, and blood circulation in those areas. It is therefore recommended for chronic conditions. It can also be used when you are sitting on a chair and is especially useful to treat acid reflux, cold/ sinuses, and chronic back pain.

Placement 2 - for a gentle incline:

If the above placement seems too steep for you, you can reduce the elevation. Simply push the wide end towards the headboard or wall so the narrow end faces your head. This position allows you to still enjoy the benefits of a bed wedge without disturbing your sleep.

2. For Side Sleepers

The gentle incline suggested above is also ideal for side sleepers. If you follow the same steps except you lie on your side instead of your back, side sleepers can find relief. Just ensure that the width of your wedge pillow covers your body on either side – from arms to back – while you are sleeping.

3. For Stomach Sleepers

Doctors advise against this position, as it slows down metabolic functions, including digestion. It also puts undue pressure on your back. For this reason, you are better off using a bed wedge with the gentle slope placed below your abdominal region. This will help train your body to gradually transition to a better sleeping position.

4. To Support Your Legs

Here, you will need to reverse the placement of the steep (or gentle) incline so the narrow end faces up and the wide end faces the bed. Next, place the bed wedge below your legs such that your knees rest against the narrow edge. This helps to promote air and blood circulation in the legs, helping your body to recover faster from leg-related injuries including fractures, varicose veins, or swelling in knees /ankles, or feet. You can either use this placement by itself or couple it with an additional bed wedge to support your upper body.

5. As a Lap-top for Your Laptop!

This is perhaps the most surprising (and fun) usage of the bed wedge. Just place it on your lap, with the narrow edge facing you and the wide edge away from you, so it acts like a makeshift table. This way, you can comfortably work on your laptop even when you are in bed, without unduly exerting your back.

Note: Therapeutic bed wedges like sleep apnea pillows or acid reflux pillows are designed to further enhance specific functions. Digestion or blood circulation are just two bodily processes that can be improved with a wedge pillow. Do not forget to check with your doctor about which type of bed wedge is most suitable for you.

Factors that Further Improve the Quality of a Bed Wedge

Before you invest in your first bed wedge, here are 4 additional points to consider when finding the perfect wedge pillow for your ultimate comfort.

1. Material

Bed wedges are typically made of organic, chemical-free materials that do not trigger allergies. In addition to this, you can also choose to buy one made with washable bamboo covers, as they come with a cooling element. This way, you remain cool all night and enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Shredded memory foam wedge pillows are also superior in quality as they can easily shape themselves to fit the contours of your body. They require less frequent refills than ordinary pillows. This makes the whole experience more cushy and comfortable. There are also inflatable wedge pillows and these are ideal for travel.

2. Incline

Most bed wedge foam pillows come with a 30-40 degree angle incline. The steeper the incline, the better the therapeutic benefits. These ones can also be used while sitting. However, a gentle incline is warranted in some cases to ensure total comfort, especially for pregnant women.

3. Size

There are single bed wedge pillows (for one person), double-sized wedge pillows, and family-sized wedge pillows with varied widths. You can also have a life-sized wedge pillow that covers your entire body; these are especially useful for pregnant women and side sleepers. Whatever size you choose, just ensure that it fits snugly on your bed without annoying your sleeping partner.

4. Price

As you may have noticed, this is indeed the last factor to consider. This is because bed wedges are undeniably beneficial, for all of the reasons listed above. Hence, don’t be unduly swayed by the price either way.

A pillow that is significantly more expensive than its competitors may not offer you all that many additional benefits unless it is directly proportional to the size of the pillow. Conversely, a lower-priced wedge pillow may hint to inferior quality material and therefore may not endure a long and fulfilling sleeping journey with you.

Choose a Therapeutic Bed Wedge Pillow from Xtreme Comforts Today!

In summary, a bed wedge pillow is designed to offer both comfort and therapeutic benefits. It is also cleverly designed to take up minimal space while offering maximum benefit, both in and out of the bedroom. You can use it as a wedge pillow for sleeping or as your favorite throw to support you all day.

To explore a wide range of therapeutic wedge pillows all in one place, check out these exciting offerings from Xtreme Comforts now!