Pregnant? 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love a Body Pillow

Pregnant? 5 Reasons Why You’ll Love a Body Pillow

Women often share a love-hate relationship with their body during pregnancy. While the wonder of growing new life within you is undeniable, it also comes with a fair amount of body-related changes and difficulties.

A constant feeling of being bloated, frequent cramps, extra weight on the abdomen and its impact on the back and knees, along with unpredictable hormonal changes, are just some of the challenges a woman may progressively face throughout her pregnancy.

A body pillow can help immensely to alleviate discomfort and make the overall experience of pregnancy effortless and enjoyable. Read on for five reasons why using a body pillow when you are pregnant can make all the difference.

1. Balances Your Body Weight During Rest

Not all expectant mothers experience the same type of physical changes during pregnancy. Some may put on a significant amount of weight during the initial trimester, after which the body slowly balances itself out. Others may not even show until the final trimester.

Either way, handling the excess weight, especially in bed, can be a particularly annoying or even painful affair during sleep or sitting.

In fact, it is common for pregnant women to experience pain in the back, neck, knee and ankle regions due to the new, unbalanced weight. Using a pregnancy pillow that is exclusively designed for pregnancy can allow you to comfortably rest without pain.

2. Supports Your Back

Much of the pain experienced during pregnancy is due to the extra pressure put on your spine.

Whether you are sleeping or simply sitting up in bed, a memory foam pillow reshapes itself based on the contours of your body, even as it supports, straightens, and aligns your spine. With this, you are less inclined to stoop and further damage your posture and back.

These pillows for sleeping can also be used to ease pressure/pain in other areas. For instance, J, V, and U-shaped body pillows are flexible enough to twist around your body. You can even twist them between your knees and ankles to support these areas as you see fit for more comfort.

3. Improves Blood Circulation and Air Flow

Pregnant women often experience heartburn, acid reflex and/or snoring during the later stages of their pregnancy.

A side sleeper pillow can help you relax your body in a half-fetal position, resting on your side, as this will help increase blood and air circulation. Regulating your breathing this way can prevent disorders such as snoring or sleep apnea from taking over.

In addition to this, a body pillow can be designed to support you from multiple angles – front region, back and between your legs –so all areas of your body are adequately supported. With this, you will no longer need to toss and turn to find a comfortable position throughout the night.

4. Provides Cushioning, Even After Pregnancy

Your body will need a lot of support after delivery in order to get back to its natural shape and elasticity. A maternity pillow supports you well beyond the first nine months.

It can be easily used out of bed, such as on your couch, so you are constantly supported, even when you are eating, reading, or just relaxing. In fact, many mothers also use their pregnancy pillow, which is generally life-sized, to support their infants during the feeding process.

5. Relieves Stress

Your entire system goes through several wondrous changes during and after pregnancy. However, this can also be a time that is extremely stressful.

A reliable bed body pillow can help you relax, quickly and effortlessly. It allows you and your baby more time to bond, without being plagued by problems like back pain or tiredness.

Memory foam body pillows provide plenty of benefits to the average person. However, the extra value they give to expectant mothers is almost priceless. In order to make your pregnancy a painless and enjoyable affair, invest in a maternity pillow today. You can check out some of the latest offers here.