Outdoor chair cushions for supporting your back at all times

Outdoor chair cushions for supporting your back at all times

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for people to skip work or see a doctor. At any point in their lives, almost 80% of Americans will experience lower back pain or postpone their professional or personal commitments.

 Even though lower back pain is as recurrent as the common Flu or fever, it has more likelihood of becoming chronic. Each person requires optimal functioning of each body part to experience life at its fullest and pain of any kind can be restrictive or even debilitating in nature.

 Here are a few ways that you can ensure your lower back pain is cured to never come back again.

Correct diagnosis

Because of multiple ways our backbone supports our body it's fairly expected for it to be susceptible to the pain of one kind or another and incorrect diagnosis can worsen the condition. You'd be surprised to know how common a misdiagnosis and wrong treatment is in case of lower back pain which can often lead to more pain than relief. 

If you have visited your doctor multiple times and yet you continue to experience pain in doing simple activities such as walking or bending down it's time that you may need a second opinion. If you feel that you have been overdosing on pain relief medication only to find returning pain after its effects fade out, its high time you reconsider discussing your diagnosis with your doctor.

Check bone health

A balanced diet is crucial to provide the body with all the essential nutrients it requires to function flawlessly. It's very common for your diet to be lacking one or more essential nutrients that are required for general well being or bone health. 

For example, people following vegetarian or vegan diets, for dietary or idealistic reasons, have a restrictive menu of things they can eat which can deprive them of many rich sources of nutrients and minerals such as calcium from milk. 

Many people have very little exposure to Sun due to work or geographical reasons that can cause a serious deficiency of vitamin D3 in their bodies which in turn affects bone health drastically. It is wise to add multivitamins and food supplements to one's diet to replenish the expected missing nutrients, of course, only after required investigations.

Better posture

Many people involuntarily attain a posture walking or sitting while suffering from chronic lower back pain. This is probably because they feel relief from the pain in the lower back only in certain positions and this if untreated or undiagnosed can worsen the pain. 

By changing or correcting posture with the help of back harnesses or by using cushions that are specialized to relieve lower back pain can help patients heal from many kinds of lower back or back-related pain. Xtreme comfort, for instance, is an excellent online store that specializes in Coccyx Cushions that are designed to not only reduce lower back pain but dissipate pressure on the spine. 

You can find the exact fit and fill for your body pillows and throw that can help you dramatically in attaining that perfectly aligned painless position for your body. 


Human bodies are designed to function at its best only when an optimum amount of movement   is involved to keep the body active. Sedentary lifestyles have led people to experience lower back pain more common than ever before and simply adding an exercise routine can bring about a lasting change in one's health and removing physically painful experiences. 

Even after very serious injury doctors usually advise patients to start rehabilitating their bones and muscles by incorporating mild exercises or yoga. 

Often prescribed by doctors, Lower back cushions or Coccyx Cushions along with physical therapy are immensely helpful in keeping your back comfortable. When combined the cushions helps in fastening the healing process and exercise reduces the chances of recurring pain. 

Even if it might look like a lifelong problem that may never seem to end for you, lower back pain or any form of physical pain can be effectively treated with the correct kind of intervention and equipment. Not to forget, pain relief medication, however accessible, is an accessory to the healing process and not the whole treatment.

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