Neck Pillow Soothes the Pain of Traveling

Neck Pillow Soothes the Pain of Traveling

Traveling is a major part of life. Whether you travel for business, pleasure, or something in between, everyone must travel. If we want to keep our jobs, see our family or even just enjoy ourselves, we must get on a plane, ride a train or drive an automobile. Unfortunately, traveling is not always ideal. There are long line-ups, security checkpoints and crowded planes. Perhaps the worst part of travel is the overall discomfort from the cramped conditions that prevent you from resting during your journey. Fortunately, the travel neck pillow makes all the difference.
It is estimated that in 2018 alone, around $933 billion was spent on domestic travel within the United States. That is a lot of traveling throughout the year! Now, imagine all those people traveling. They have spent their well-earned money, devoted their time, and they are not able to feel comfortable and rested when they reach their destination. The neck pillow was conceived to address this issue.

A neck pillow can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Stereotypically, however, it is a horseshoe-shaped pillow that can be wrapped around the back of your neck to provide neck and back support while sitting for long periods. The pillows usually contain memory foam, beads or down. No matter its shape or the material it is made from, the travel neck pillow has been a mainstay in travel comfort.

5 Benefits of Using a Neck Pillow While Traveling

There are many advantages to using a travel neck pillow, but let’s explore its five essential benefits so that you are well-informed for your next trip.

1. Promotes Healthy Posture

Many people experience neck pain or stiffness from time to time. In many cases, it is due to poor posture or overuse.

The cramped space of an airplane can leave you susceptible to incorrect posture. Laying your head on the tray table or leaning against the window, for example, can lead to neck strain and muscle stiffness.

A neck pillow is a specially designed pillow used to support your neck and head and keep them in a natural position. Neck pillows create a natural resting position for your head that maintains the lordotic curve of your spine so that you can avoid a painful neck and back.

2. Promotes Proper Spine Alignment

There are seven bones in your neck that make up the cervical spine. These bones are cushioned by spongy cervical disks and supported by muscles and tendons. The normal shape of the cervical spine is a gentle curve called the lordotic cervical curve. Anything that causes you to lose that natural neck position for a long period, such as sleeping with your neck bent or extended (as often is the case when traveling), causes stress on the spine and its supporting structures. This stress can result in neck stiffness and pain.

A neck pillow with firm support and a good shape can be more effective than a regular pillow in reducing this type of neck pain. For those of us that travel often, this is especially important. We know that carrying a regular pillow is cumbersome and unrealistic, so a travel neck pillow is our best bet for proper spinal alignment and a good rest.

3. Provides Comfort to Help You Rest

A neck pillow can support your neck as you doze off and help prevent cramping of the cervical muscles. Sitting for long periods can increase pressure on the joints and muscles of the neck. Neither car nor airplane seats offer enough neck support, which in and of itself can lead to pain.

The horseshoe-shaped travel pillow was designed to be ergonomic and to cradle the head, neck and shoulders.

4. Compact and Easy to Transport

The most common type of travel pillow is the u-shape or horseshoe pillow that surrounds much of your neck. It is also compact and easy to transport. The u-shape allows you to hook it easily onto your carry-on luggage and take it with you on the plane. There are certain types of neck pillows that allow you to deflate and inflate or even roll and unroll them.

Whatever the type of travel pillow, the ease of transport is beneficial to anyone traveling and in search of comfort.

5. Multifaceted and Can Be Used Anywhere

When you picture the travel neck pillow, you may think about someone carrying it around on their luggage or using it on a plane. However, the travel neck pillow can be used in many different situations and scenarios. Travel on a plane is just one example, but a neck pillow can be used to maintain comfort in a car, a train, and even for those who use a wheelchair.

There is no need to use the neck pillow for only travel purposes. You can use it to help you maintain a healthy posture while sitting on your couch, reading or even while sleeping in your bed. The travel neck pillow can be used anywhere.
The XN Contour Neck Pillow Is the Answer to Your Travel Woes

Xtreme Comforts’ XN Contour Neck Pillow is an amazing travel neck pillow designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Created with memory foam that will never go flat, it remains uniform in density, conforming to your shape to provide you with the support, comfort and alignment you need for pain-free comfortable sleep and relaxation. By eliminating pressure points, this bacteria-resistant memory foam pillow helps to relax muscles and alleviate neck and back pain, resulting in a deeper sleep and less fatigue. With the XN Contour Neck Pillow, you can step off your plane or out of your car and feel refreshed and ready to start your vacation.

The contour design provides the optimum fit for stabilizing your head, which reduces pressure on your nerves and helps improve free blood circulation. Also, it is covered in a super-soft, durable cotton cover that is not only cozy but also able to stand up to tough everyday use. The front snap closure located on the cover keeps the cushion in place to maintain constant support and comfort. As a bonus, there is a side pocket that is ideal for your cell phone, travel documents, and other electronic devices.

Perhaps the most interesting and convenient aspect of the XN Contour Neck Pillow is that it can roll up. That’s right; the cushion rolls up into the built-in cover to maintain cleanliness and provide easy transport. Keep it neatly stored to protect your travel pillow from dust, dirt and grime. No more fumbling with cover bags or having to carry it around your neck when not in use. When stored, this cervical support pillow is small and takes up minimal space. Just tie the string to your luggage and go.

The Xtreme Comforts travel neck pillow is easy to care for as well. The removable cover is machine washable. Just wash in cold water and toss in the dryer, and you are ready for your next adventure abroad.

To make it even better for you, Xtreme Comforts XN Contour Neck Pillow is a 100% risk-free purchase. Xtreme Comforts stands behind its products and offers a lifetime guarantee on its memory foam neck pillow. If you are not satisfied, return it any time for a refund of the purchase price.

The secret to a restful, pain-free trip is at your fingertips. Get your XN Contour Neck Pillow today!