Get the Most Out of Your Rest with a Wedge Pillow

Get the Most Out of Your Rest with a Wedge Pillow

Sleep is the best form of rest. Biologically, you need it. Mentally, it’s vital. There are phenomenal things that happen when you get the most out of your rest, especially with a wedge pillow.

Each of us experiences sleep differently. However, for some, sleep deprivation occurs far too often. Solutions to sleep deprivation are heavily sought after by those affected by insomnia, and can include trying the comfort of a stuffed toy, blanket, bed wedge or an anti-snore pillow.

6 phenomenal things that happen when resting with a wedge pillow

1. Easier processing of the day’s information

When you sleep, your brain does not automatically shut off—it is constantly active. The brain is one of our most hardworking organs. Due to its workload, it requires the appropriate rest to function at optimal levels throughout the day. When your body is at rest, your brain seizes that opportunity to process your awake hours’ events. This includes creating long term memories and maintaining important neural connections.

Wedge pillows can be a very helpful tool for sleep aid. They allow for better, uninterrupted sleep and relaxation. More importantly, they help your body recuperate and ready itself for the upcoming day.

2. Reach REM stage

When we sleep, we cycle back and forth between segments called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (Non-REM). During REM sleep, our eyes move quickly in different directions and we develop dreams, while this phenomenon does not occur during non-REM sleep.

While in non-REM sleep, we can be awakened easily and experience lighter sleep. To help avoid interrupted sleep, using tools such as bed wedge pillows can be highly beneficial. One of the main functions of a pillow wedge includes preparing your body position for hypnagogic jerks, natural yet sudden and brief contractions of muscles that occurs when you are about to fall asleep. Hypnogogic jerks are completely normal and occur in 70% of the population.

3. Helps boost your immune system

We all look to our immune system when we get sick. Our immune system works hard, too, while we are sleeping. It produces proteins called cytokines to help fight inflammation, infection, stress and trauma. Sleep deprivation can decrease the production of cytokines, as well as other antibodies and cells that also contribute to fighting infections.

If you want that extra immune system boost, we suggest focusing on getting enough sleep on a regular basis. Take a hot bath, drink your milk before sleeping, use a foam wedge, and do whatever it takes to help you get that much needed sleep. You’ll be thankful, especially when you’re sick.

4. Avoid Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that occurs when a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. Untreated, people can stop breathing repeatedly while they sleep, causing oxygen deprivation to the brain and body.  This is a serious condition that needs medical attention when it happens.

There are several ways to prevent or keep sleep apnea at bay, including using a sleep apnea pillow. Sleep apnea pillows are specifically designed to prop your head and body position upwards to mitigate interrupted breathing.

5. Minimize snoring

It’s bad enough that you interrupt others with your snoring, but waking up because you suddenly become aware of your own snoring won’t get you your much needed slumber! Snoring is a common problem that one can lose sleep over. Finding a solution to this problem has garnered much needed attention over several years, and one effective way of helping with snoring is the Snit-Snore pillow. This specially-designed pillow props your head up so that airway obstruction decreases and airflow is optimized.

6. Keep stomach acids at bay

Acid reflux is a common problem, and it can be exacerbated by poor body positioning during sleep. Wedge pillows for acid reflux are designed to help prevent acid from moving upwards into our esophagus from our stomach by fixing our positioning from lying flat to slightly angled.  

Sleep when it’s time to sleep

Sleep deprivation seems to be a simple case of not getting enough sleep. But when it happens too often, it can become a serious problem. Sleep is not an optional activity. When you ignore the sleep that your body needs, your body will shut down, quite literally– that is, put you forcefully to sleep in unexpected places or even when you are mobile.

If you want to know how our products can help you get that much-needed sleep, visit Xtreme Comforts for additional information.