Memory Foam Seat Cushions for Tailbone Health

Memory Foam Seat Cushions for Tailbone Health

We spend long hours sitting down either at the office or at home. As a result, we put too much strain on the tailbone and this could result in serious health problems in the long run. To aid this, coccyx seat cushions are tailor-made to sustain comfortable seating while improving your sitting posture. You may not be aware of this, but your sitting posture could be doing you more damage than good!

This may not be instant, but gradually, the tailbone is subjected to a lot of pressure and this could affect your normal lifestyle, although this is not noticeable in the initial stages.

Coccyx seat cushions were created to offer much-needed support to the tailbone by relieving it of the extra load that is applied to it in a sitting position. Xtreme Comforts manufactures and designs memory seat foam cushions that are a perfect fit for your office chair or when you are sitting on the floor. It helps ease sciatica back pain and tailbone pain from long hours of sitting.

6 Features of Coccyx Seat Cushions from Xtreme Comforts

1. Ideal Size and Design

Xtreme Comforts’ seat cushion measures 18" x 14" x 3", which perfectly fits any office seat. If you have had a history of back pain, the cushion’s design and sizes will help you get rid of the pain while sitting. Additionally, it is soft, uniformly padded and the filling allows you to sit at ease.

Traditional pillows are hard, flat and the padding added on the inside builds up pressure that slowly overloads the tailbone. Sooner or later, you will develop bad posture, chronic pain around the tailbone area, poor blood circulation, pinched nerves and orthopedic problems that will cost you a fortune to treat or deal with if the situation gets worse.

2. Ergonomic U-Shape Cut Design

Ortho-form memory seat cushions are designed into a u-cut shape recommended by doctors and orthopedic professionals. The shape allows the cushions to create a comfortable coccyx space reducing any chances of strain or overload of the coccyx area and the back. As such, your tailbone floats instead of sitting under the pressure of the back and the rest of the body i.e. no direct pressure will be applied to this area.

A contoured design completes the surface of the memory cushion from Xtreme Comforts. Why is this important? The contours evenly distribute the weight of the body on the seat. Pressure on the tailbone and the lumbar region of your body is reduced significantly.

3. Comfort at Its Best

A comfortable sitting position aids a healthy posture. Besides this, you will also notice that a seat cushion will aid in proper lumbar spine alignment, reduced back pain for individuals with chronic back pain, increased blood flow to the legs as the overall circulation is improved & superior comfort, especially for those who sit for long hours.

Cushions will help relieve pain from back injuries resulting from accidents, surgeries, herniated, bulging or degenerated discs, sciatica nerve pain, arthritis, hip pain, sacral joint pain, stenosis, hemorrhoids, and pregnancy. Xtreme Comforts ensures that the pillow is your go-to solution for several medical conditions.

4. Stays In Place

This seat cushion has a non-skid anti-slip bottom feature that ensures it stays in place. This feature makes sure that your pillow does not slip off and that you do not fall off your seat, particularly if you move around the seat often. This makes the seat just what the doctor ordered for office chairs, computer desk, kitchen, dining room, living room, drivers’ patio, couch, and recliner seats that require you to adjust the seat to your comfort. The multipurpose seat cushions come in an ideal size, and this means that you can take them to the areas that we have mentioned without any hassle whatsoever.

5. Versatility

You can carry the cushion to your favorite sporting event and place it on benches and bleachers. We all know how uncomfortable sporting benches can get. If you are traveling for long hours, the cushion comes in handy for long-distance truck drivers, planes and truckers. Carry it to your next yoga class and place it on the floor, use it during meditation sessions that require you to sit on the floor, or as a kneeling pad cushion for tasks or prayers. Place the seat cushion from Xtreme Comforts on rocking chairs for the elderly and nursery for young ones.

6. Durability

Unlike padded seat cushions that wear off just a few days after use, memory foam seat cushions fall in our good books. Ultra-deluxe body active memory foam in the coccyx seat cushion ensures that the original shape is intact regardless of how frequently the cushion is used. It never flattens out and remains uniform in density and adjusts accordingly to provide you with the right support when sitting every time.

If you need to clean it, a durable, zippered mesh cover is included. The mesh cover is removable and can be machine-washed or hand-washed depending on your personal preference; the strong fabric is not damaged by detergents or extreme temperatures. The mesh cover also allows for optimal air circulation into and out of the cushion guaranteeing the breathability of the inner parts of the cushion to rid off any smells or odor that come with long-term use in different places.

4 Benefits of Coccyx Cushions

Xtreme Comforts designs cushions that have multiple benefits attached to their use. As a company, we are health-conscious experts with a passion for optimal health.

1. Better Body Posture

Great posture is not only good for our overall appeal either at work or home but has abundant advantages linked to it. Bad posture affects the neck area, puts a strain on the back muscles and bones and this will advance to serious health problems. The coccyx cushion is well-padded and with an ideal u-cut design, the pressure on the back area is significantly reduced, allowing you to seat better and develop a good posture. All bodyweight is uniformly distributed throughout the cushion’s surface area and not just the coccyx, which remains suspended.

2. Improved Circulation

The artery that supplies blood to the back area may be affected by poor sitting habits. Excessive pressure hinders the circulation of blood in the coccyx and back areas as the load is directly applied to the artery. Coccyx cushions relieve the pressure in the lumbar region and allow the smooth flow of blood into and out of the back area with ease. Better blood circulation guarantees that the region is supplied with sufficient blood and nutrients allowing your body to perform its functions best.

3. Relieves Back Pain

Back pain may develop for various reasons. Some of the reasons may be pregnancy or child-birth, injury to the back area and long sitting hours. Back pain may not always be as a result of long sitting hours at the office but may also come as a result of sitting in areas such as football benches or your favorite yoga classes for longer hours with no support to the back.

Poorly padded cushions feel comfortable, but they are not effective in eliminating pain. If you have experienced back pain, get yourself a coccyx cushion and watch the pain melt away. The cushions are recommended for individuals who have not experienced any back pain but sit for long hours as a preventive measure.

Sitting for long hours in an uncomfortable seat may be dreadful. Carry your seat cushion from Xtreme Comforts to the office or your next yoga class. Use it in the car, yoga class, office, and your next camping trip. You will be surprised by how much you can achieve from a comfortable seating position. Your focus is improved and you are more productive when you are comfortable. Better blood circulation in the body from the use of the memory foam seat cushions allows the body to relax as the flow of blood to the brain is unhindered.

4. Versatility

Coccyx seat cushions from Xtreme Comforts come in a small handy size that allows you to bring them almost everywhere. You can use the seat cushions both indoors and outdoors and since they are made of light-weight durable material, they last longer and do not wear out due to excessive use. You do not need to buy a coccyx cushion for use in different places—one is more than enough.

In Conclusion

Xtreme Comforts is dedicated to producing high-quality products that attend to everyday problems. We design unique products that give you better relief and improved life. If you are suffering from neck and back pain, the coccyx memory foam seat cushion is designed just for this. The sporty and stylish seat cushions are packed with numerous health benefits.

Grab yourself the orthopedic memory foam seat cushion today from Xtreme Comforts’ and enjoy the best back and seat cushions!