How a Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow Can Change Your Health

How a Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow Can Change Your Health

Memory foam lumbar support pillows are designed to keep your neck and back supported throughout the night so that you wake up feeling refreshed in the mornings.

The key to sleeping soundly every night and waking without pain, aches, and stiffness is to maintain a good sleep posture.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. While the right pillow is critical to maintaining balanced sleep posture, most people don’t give it second thought.

Pillows help in aligning your body from the head and neck, down through the shoulders to the chest and spine, hips and knees. Your spine and body can come out of alignment when your neck and shoulders don’t get sufficient support, or are propped at an angle that causes twisting, craning, or crunching.

This causes strain and discomfort in your shoulders and neck, as well as sleeplessness, for nights on end.

Comfort and support are important in selecting the right pillow. Without an appropriate lumbar pillow, regardless of how long you sleep, you will probably wake up tired with stiff shoulders and neck.

Memory foam cushions designed as a back pillow for lower back pain create an inviting cradle for your neck and head, which helps keep your body in perfect alignment throughout the night.

The memory foam lumbar support pillow moves with you and contours to your shape as you twist and turn during the night, and helps you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Sound too good to be true? Read on to learn more about lower back cushions and how they can change your health for the better.

1. A Memory Foam Pillow Helps in Reducing Snoring, Back Pain, and Neck Pain

Snoring is typically identified as an inconvenience or annoyance. However, it may be the first sign of a major underlying condition called sleep apnea, which is largely caused by bad sleep position and can result in a potentially deadly situation of air blockage.

Incorrect sleeping position on the back is the primary cause of sleep apnea related snoring. However, there’s an easy solution—you can sleep safer with the right back support pillow, which helps relieve tension and blockage. This can help other people in your house get a better night’s rest too.

Most support pillows are not designed for back sleepers and are too thick throughout. They may support the neck, but they push the head out of position, resulting in the same problems that you want to avoid.

By choosing the right back support cushion or pillow, you can find the perfect solution for snoring.

Memory foam pillows have thick, padded sides that help support the natural bend of the neck and keep it in perfect alignment with the spinal column, allowing you to sleep undisturbed. They also distribute the body weight evenly while alleviating any pressure on specific parts of the body. The recessed cradle in the center of the pillow provides the perfect nest for your head, too, unlike most other pillow for back pain.

2. Memory Foam is Firm, Yet Super Comfortable

Memory foam is one of the most popular supports available for sleeping position. It flows with your body movements while providing enough resilience to keep your spine aligned.

Pillows are arguably responsible for support in the more important areas of our back and make up a large part of any sleeping surface. They are essential for neck support, too, which is most often pushed out of position when sleeping regardless of your sleep posture.

Good back pillows use high quality memory foam to keep your body well aligned. This helps prevent neck and back pain that can result in all day fatigue, headaches and muscle pain.

A memory foam back cushion can also be useful to provide support for pregnant women, an easy fix for those extra aches that come during pregnancy.

3. So many versatile uses!

The right lower back pillow or neck support will have many different uses other than just protecting the body during sleep time.

It works great as lumbar support for car rides, or as an excellent office chair back support while you are working. It also helps improve circulation and comfort while you carry out your daily activities seated.

4. A Pillow That Comes with An Easy Access Cover Is Handy, Too

An easy access cover with a cleverly concealed zipper makes it easy to care for a memory foam back lumbar cushion so that it always looks its best and clean. We highly recommend purchasing a pillow that includes this handy feature.

The smooth design of an easy access cover keeps the surface comfortably flat for your head while sleeping. Most covers are also machine washable, so that you can have a fresh, healthy surface to lay your head on at all times.

5. Worth Every Penny

The memory foam lumbar pillow from Xtreme Comforts is a cost-effective solution for anyone who wants firm support while sleeping.

This lumbar support pillow is one of the most affordable memory foam pillows available right now on the market, which makes it ideal for people looking to try support pillows without paying exorbitant prices. Give it a try and see your health benefits skyrocket!

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