6 Memory Foam Body Pillow Uses for a Better Sleep

6 Memory Foam Body Pillow Uses for a Better Sleep

If you are into health and fitness, or even remotely interested in enjoying a few revitalizing hours of undisturbed sleep, you are sure to have heard of the body pillow.

This new trend is being increasingly hailed as a snoozing miracle, with the ability to heal ailments even as you sleep.

But the all-important question is: How does this work, and how does one use it?

Here are 6 straightforward ways you can use these bed pillows for maximum effect.

1. Sleeping on Your Side

Medical practitioners often advise sleeping on your side as a natural treatment for multiple ailments. This posture is known to improve digestion and blood circulation. In fact, it is specifically recommended for those who suffer from acid reflux, snoring, sleep apnea, and more.

Side sleeper pillows come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that best works for your body.

The rectangle-shaped pillow is ideal for those with wide shoulders, so your neck is suitably supported. This memory foam pillow can also be used between the knees and helps to relieve sciatic pain and other knee/joint related ailments.

You can also cuddle with a life-sized J-shaped pillow for side sleeping. This type combines the benefits of several pillows, as it provides complete support for your neck, arms, back, abdomen, and knees.

2. Sleeping on Your Back

This is perhaps the most common sleeping position. However, you will need to make sure that your upper body is slightly inclined, in order to avoid acid reflux and other breathing or circulatory disorders.

In this case, life-sized or elongated I-shaped bed pillows for sleeping are ideal, as they adjust to the shape of your body even as they align your spine. This helps you keep extra pressure off of your back and avoid back-related problems.

For those who wish for that extra bit of pampering, you can choose to cuddle all night with a J-shaped or I-shaped pillow. They work like a snuggly slinky and can be wrapped around your body for extra support.

3. Sleeping on Your Stomach

This sleeping position is often not recommended for adults, as it puts undue pressure on your back and neck, and even interferes with your digestion.

If this is your preferred sleeping position, make sure to use a life-sized memory foam pillow that fits the contours of your body, so your spine is not inadvertently misaligned during sleep. Other than the smaller rectangle-shaped pillows, all other body pillows can be used to support this position.

4. Active Sleepers

If you are the kind of person that tosses or turns during your sleep, you are better off with a large, U-shaped body pillow. With this type, the weight is evenly distributed across your body, without undue pressure on your spine.

The U-shaped body pillow is in fact the most popular kind, as it supports you from all sides – front, back, and between your knees.

Accordingly, it also combines the multiple benefits of all other kinds of bed pillows. The only downside is its large size, as it warrants a bed that is at least queen sized.

5. Pregnant Women

There are several types of maternity pillows specially designed for pregnancy. For instance, the longer U, I and J-shaped pillows provide complete upper and lower body support and help balance the additional weight pregnant women carry.

The U and J-shaped pillows can also be tucked between the knees and help relieve pain caused by swollen ankles.

6. Warmer Temperatures

Many people wake up multiple times during the night feeling overheated. Bamboo pillows are a great solution for this. They help keep the neck region cool, so you feel less inclined to wake up sweating. You can also invest in a life-sized bamboo memory foam pillow that supports your entire spine for extra comfort.

 Key Takeaway

Body pillows provide excellent support, and help you maintain a comfortable sleeping posture all night. They are typically made of high-quality memory foam, so they last for several years. Take care to invest in a bed pillow made from an organic material with a durable cover, so it is also easy to maintain.

Regardless of your favorite position, you can easily find a type, shape and size that significantly enhances the quality of your sleep. To begin using high-quality bed pillows, check out some exciting offers for a memory foam bed pillow here!