Lumbar Support Pillow Relieves Tailbone Pain

A sharp, stabbing pain that radiates through your lower body. Discomfort that plagues you day and night. The feel of a muscle spasm in full contraction. If you have ever felt any or all of those, you may be suffering from the symptoms of tailbone pain. A truly horrible feeling, tailbone pain is often not serious enough for medical treatment, and you are left to take care of it on your own. That’s why prevention and support are your best bet when dealing with tailbone pain. One way to ensure that tailbone pain doesn’t affect your life is with a lumbar support pillow.

What Is Tailbone Pain? Definition and Causes

The technical term for tailbone pain is coccydynia. In most people, the pain is characterized as a dull, throbbing ache that feels like a muscle spasm. As noted above, some also experience it as sharp or stabbing pain.

In some cases, tailbone pain may radiate down the legs or up the back, and it can feel like it is in the tailbone itself, or even in the surrounding muscles and structures. This pain will occur when you are physically active or when you have been sitting for extended periods. This is because, in the seated position, the lumbosacral discs are loaded three times more than when standing. Sitting without back support usually leads to poor posture, which stresses the soft tissues and joints in the spine. For many people, sitting in an office chair either causes or exacerbates lower back pain

Coccydynia may sometimes come with other complications depending on the cause and duration. These include, but are not limited to, nausea and vomiting, loss of sensation, muscle weakness, and digestive discomfort. The only consolation when suffering this type of pain is that it may go away on its own, and it is safe to wait before seeing a physician or family doctor about the issue.

Tailbone pain can originate from a wide range of different health issues. Some of the most common causes of coccydynia include:

  • A blow or jostle (as if from a strike or fall)
  • An extended period of sitting (especially in awkward positions)
  • Compression of nerves (typically when pregnant or after significant weight gain)
  • Degeneration of the nerves or joints
  • Problems with the spine (such as degenerative disc disease or spinal surgery)

Though it may go away on its own, there are some situations where you may need to seek medical assistance. If you experience a loss of sensation, extensive bruising, changes in movement or coordination, or tingling in the surrounding areas, you should seek emergency care. In such cases, these symptoms could be reflective of sudden trauma.

In most cases, and without the need for emergency services, there are many options for managing tailbone pain even in the comfort of your home. One of these options is the use of a lumbar support pillow.

What is a Lumbar Pillow, and How Do You Use it?

A lumbar support pillow is a light and portable pillow made of memory foam. It is ergonomically designed to provide maximum support of the spine. It will relieve pressure and help to improve your posture, as well as solve musculoskeletal conditions. Lumbar support pillows allow the spine to remain in a natural position when sitting or lying on the back. The shape of the pillow rests along the inner curve of the spine to offer constant support while cradling the lower back. This helps to align your neck, back and hips, as well as improve your posture.

In the modern work environment where most work is completed sitting for long periods, a lumbar support pillow is crucial. Without a lumbar pillow, spending several hours sitting in the same position can harm your posture and affect the health of your spine.

Whether you sit in an office, drive a truck or are someone who has a bad back, it can be difficult to maintain good posture when sitting for long periods. Standard chairs do not provide a backrest with the appropriate curvature. So, when you sit, your lumbar region is forced up against the back of the seat, which is not a natural position. This is when a lumbar back support pillow can be helpful.

A lumbar pillow is a simple way to relieve and reverse back pain. The device helps to correct your posture while you sit and to realign your spine, taking weight and pressure off your lower back and redistributing it evenly. Essentially, a lumbar pillow is an effective and immediate remedy to your back pain troubles.

Now that you know what a lumbar support pillow is, you’ll be wondering how to use it. A lumbar support pillow is easy to use. When seated in a chair, place the pillow vertically across the back of the seat so that it is flush against the lower part of the back. If you are using it correctly, the pillow should keep your ears, shoulders, and hips in alignment so that the natural curvature of your spine is maintained.
You may be tempted to place the lumbar support pillow where you are feeling the pain. In the case of tailbone pain, this may not be applicable at all. Instead, place it below the curve of your back so that it supports your spine and keeps your posture straight.

The lumbar pillow is normally lightweight and easy to travel with. Some people purchase multiple pillows so that there is no danger of forgetting it and losing out on the benefits in other places, but it is certainly not necessary. However, it is important to remember that the lumbar pillow may be needed for different reasons, depending on where it is being used. For instance, when driving a car, nerve pain that travels down the leg is common, especially for trips lasting longer than 15 minutes.

We realize that all this information is a lot to take in, and there are certainly many types of lumbar support pillows available. To make things easier for you, Xtreme Comforts has developed a lumbar support pillow that will solve your tailbone and back pain problems

XB Back and Lumbar Cushion – Relief for Your Pain

The XB Back and Lumbar Cushion by Xtreme Comforts was designed and constructed with your comfort in mind. Made with the highest quality material, the premium memory foam of the cushion contours to your back, but it will never flatten out. This lumbar pillow will maintain its shape and support no matter how or where you use it.

The deluxe body active memory foam helps to eliminate pressure points, supports proper body alignment, conforms to your body contour, helps relax muscles and alleviates neck and back pain, and reduces slouching and fatigue. If that isn’t enough to convince you that this pillow is the best on the market, its premium memory foam is also bacteria resistant. Another benefit is that the bamboo cover is removable for easy, machine washing. The bamboo material is hypoallergenic, breathable, and eco-friendly.

Created with your active lifestyle in mind, you can take the XB Back and Lumbar Cushion anywhere. In fact, it provides you with perfect lumbar support for your car, office chair, sports seats, wheelchairs, airplane seats, and even patio or dining chairs. You can use this lumbar pillow any place you want to sit and relax comfortably.

Nothing says transportability like a unique carry bag. The XB Back and Lumbar Cushion comes with a protective carry bag that allows for easy transport so you can take it wherever you go. To ensure that the cushion stays where it works best for your back support, this lumbar support pillow by Xtreme Comforts comes with adjustable four-point straps that easily fit on any seat back to keep the cushion in the perfect position to provide pain-free seating.

Essentially, the XB Back and Lumbar Cushion alleviates back pain. It does this by providing total spinal alignment. This lumbar support pillow is designed to maintain the correct curvature of your spine, especially if you spend hours a day sitting at a desk or on long, daily commutes. Imagine being able to sit cozy and comfortably again without that bothersome lower back pain and pressure. No more back pain and tightness, just relaxation and comfort and the ability to finally feel good again.
Xtreme Comforts keeps its customers in mind. With a lifetime replacement guarantee and a no-hassle 100%-guarantee refund policy, you have nothing to lose.

What are you waiting for? The solution to your back and tailbone pain is at your fingertips! With the simple click of a button, you could be living a life of support, comfort and, most importantly, a life without pain.

Make the right choice and buy the Xtreme Comforts XB Back and Lumbar Cushion today. Your back and tailbone will thank you.