Get Instant Comfort by Adding a Soft Throw Blanket to Your Life

Get Instant Comfort by Adding a Soft Throw Blanket to Your Life

Soft throw blankets are available in various softness levels, styles, and looks. Their durability and usage, however, depend on the fabric that is used to manufacture the throw. They can be made of various materials, such as cotton, linen, wool, and synthetic materials.

While fleece blankets have been used for warmth, style, and comfort for decades, they are also beautiful decorative pieces that add value to the beauty of the room they are kept in.

Why Throws Are So Appealing

Soft throws and plush blankets have been with us for many decades, and their usage has changed over time.

Originally, throws were used as ‘shawls’ that women used to wrap around themselves for warmth during cold winters.

However, nowadays, throws have been given various forms and they are used for a host of different purposes, including home décor, bedding, and lifestyle or as fashion items.

There is no shortage of shapes, sizes, and styles of throws, and whether they are a fleece blanket or a chunky knit blanket, their utility in redefining the beauty of a room and comfort levels during cold weathers has never gone out of concern for all human beings.

Queen blankets are usually of size 1.5m x 1m (in length and breadth) but bigger or smaller throws have also been manufactured widely for various purposes. The price of a fuzzy blanket usually depends on the fabric used and their shapes or sizes.

There are some high-quality throws or knit blankets made of fine wool and/or silk that are very pricey.

However, a throw blanket for a couch or a fleece blanket made from polyester or micro-fleece can be quite affordable.

Blankets in queen size have now become very common accessories. They can be style statements that add color and pattern to your room décor, or they can be housewarming or

drape-worthy materials. These throws are also great gifts that not only look attractive but also have a widely varying portfolio of usage.

If you are not sure how to add a throw to your home décor collection or which one to gift to someone you love, get some great insights from this article.

The Different Ways a Throw Can Be Used

As mentioned above, throws can be great home décor items. You can use them to give your room an extra luxurious look, or you can drape them across your sofa and chairs to turn them into gorgeous statement pieces whenever you wish.

A queen blanket is easy to maintain and clean. So, if you need to feed your baby or want to let the pet lounge in a more comfortable dwelling space, you can definitely use a fleece blanket or a throw to cover the furniture you are going to use.

Throws are also used to cover outdoor furniture during winters when they turn colder due to reduced temperatures.

You can also drape a throw across your feet, knees, or shoulder to feel warm. The most common and comfy use of a throw is, however, as an item which you can snuggle into if you want the perfect warmth and comfort during a night in. There’s nothing quite like a security blanket!

While children’s cots and beds of tiny tots are perfect areas to use a soft blanket, these blankets are very decorative in nature, too. Once the use of the throw is over, just place them back to their location and turn these otherwise ordinary areas into attractive and inviting spaces.

One thing to keep in mind is to decide how expensive the throw should be for each purpose. If you use very expensive throws for pets or children, it might burn a hole in your pocket.

Since there are many options and price points, you can always choose a throw for any purpose you have in mind.

Decorative Throws

Themed throws that offer a vibrant look have been a trend for use in children’s rooms. These include various fleece blankets with characters from children’s books, animation series, and TV programs.

Blankets are an excellent item to let the children’s room get sporty and they allow little ones to play creatively, used as props in their every day imaginations.

Apart from children’s throws, there have been themed ones that are made for adults, too. Special and occasional throws for festivities, such as Christmas and Easter, have been used by people for many years.

They not only give a special look but also make festivities more charming and enjoyable without needing too much investment at all.

Throws have also been used as wall hangings, or to cover the windows and doors, as well.

A throw is a very versatile item for home décor and they find as many uses as one can think of. When the idea is to make the home look and feel better, there is no shortage of ideas in people’s minds about how to use throws or a plush blanket.

Benefits of fleece throws

Very popular among children, fleece throws are a great option for a lightweight, cozy and warm feeling during nights or cold winters. There are a lot of varieties and there is one throw for everyone regardless of what his or her preferences are.

Throws made from fleece fabric are durable, soft and eco-friendly. With endless colors and print designs, fleece fabric is a perfect option for young families and even the elderly.

Fleece was originally introduced as outdoor clothing for extreme weather conditions, but now, it is also used to make fashionable clothing, jackets, and blankets.

Fleece does not pill and/or form tiny balls like synthetics. It does not fray and never unravels, which is why fleece fabrics are a great choice for family crafting.

With a two-sided design where the fabric is the same on both sides, polar fleece is a strong, warm and quick-drying option for all people who do not want to engage too much in maintenance.

That is why outdoor people on the go use fleece in lieu of wool. Air pockets are formed in fleece garments, so they are better at keeping the wearer warmer than wool.

Whether you are winter camping or backpacking in cold temperatures, fleece throws are never out of fashion in the winter. They are also used as calf ear-warmers and as underwear for space-travelers.

Advantages of Various Types of Throw Fabrics

Throw blankets are hard to choose because there are endless options. But, if you are looking for a perfect fuzzy blanket or a Sherpa blanket, you have loads of options.

Here are the six most common types of blanket fabrics with all the benefits they offer: Cotton, Down, Wool, Fleece, Synthetics, or Vellux.

1. Cotton is an excellent option for repeat washes, so it is easy to remove allergens from the microclimate of furniture where cotton throws are used. Being lightweight, cotton throws are great for summer sleep while heavy cotton items can be used in winter, too. The breathability and soothing softness make cotton fabric an ideal choice for comfort and warmth.

2. Wool is so popular in heavy winters and drizzling cold seasons. It is lightweight and since it holds air inside, wool is a great choice for all garments meant for winters. In the past, some forms of wool felt itchy to wearers, but now, modern types of blankets that are queen size are smooth, light and perfect for year-round use.

3. Down throws are similar to down comforters, but they are lighter and thinner. Down blankets usually contain a smooth-feeling feathery layer that is sandwiched amidst two layers of cotton fabrics. Down blankets are used in winters as well as summers with the blankets being made lighter and less warm when they are used during hotter days. The only disadvantage with down is that it may cause sweating during nights.

4. Synthetic fabrics come in several types that are used for blankets, however, polyester and acrylics are the most common. Synthetic throws feel warm but since they create static electricity and have low breathability, they may allow moisture to wick. Although often irritating as they hold onto air and dust, synthetic blankets cost much less than wool and down.

5. Vellux is the material of hotel blankets, as they are used mostly in hotel chains. They have a thin foam covered by plush nylon and are hypoallergenic in nature. Vellux throws can stay intact despite multiple washes. Allergy-prone individuals usually prefer Vellux.

Faux Fur Throws Provide Décor Advantages

Faux fur is a great interior design fabric, and it is hugely appealing to designers. However, faux fur is also appearing increasingly in homes based on their cozy opulence instead of contemporary monotony design. It is luxurious yet very minimalist in nature.

There is no real fur in it and the texture is quite rich to use. For a neat and well-tidied space, faux fur is a cozier and more attractive option than other fabrics. The luscious texture it brings to the room is simply irresistible, and if you need something cozy and sumptuous, you cannot forget about faux fur. And it’s versatile, too—it is great for pillows, throws, and rugs and it is also highly animal-friendly.

Key Takeaway

Looking at the kind of versatility and numerous usages of throws, whether as a soft blanket, queen sized bed blanket or a plush blanket, it’s difficult not to incorporate throws in your life if you really want value from your investment.

Irrespective of your requirement for a throw blanket, you should check out Xtreme Comforts’ new additions of throws to their extensive line of comfort products. Rest assured, there is always a match for you in our portfolio of throw designs!