The Importance of a Good Sitting Posture For a Healthy Spine

The Importance of a Good Sitting Posture For a Healthy Spine

Numerous research studies have shown that continuous sitting for long hours is bad for your health. It is linked with neck and back issues, obesity, heart disease, and a whole host of other medical problems.

Spinal health is the most significant of these medical issues that are associated with an improper sitting posture. Let us look at why a good posture is important for a healthy spine and how you can achieve the right sitting posture at home, work or while driving.

How Does Sitting Posture Affect Your Health and Spine?

The main risk of poor sitting posture is aches and pains that either occur right away, or develop gradually down the road. Many people need desk chair cushions for back and butt long before they cross 30. This is primarily due to poor posture while clicking away at the keyboard.

Driving and working long hours at the desk can make you feel uncomfortable. The discomfort almost always begins at the neck or lower back. It can go on to affect the hips and knees as well. People with a bad sitting posture may be less efficient while walking or running and are predisposed to various injuries.

Your spine takes the major brunt of your weight while you are sitting. There are certain areas in the spine that are more pressure prone, which is why gel seat cushions for pressure relief are recommended.

How Can You Improve Your Posture While Driving?

Driving and working are two times when you are sitting for long periods without moving and stretching your legs. You need to identify your current posture and correct it before these aches and pains become chronic.

Your seated posture while driving and the kind of driving cushion for drivers that you use, can have a lot to say in contributing or alleviating your back discomfort. It is important to always sit with your knees level with the hips.

This can easily be done with the help of a seat riser or adult booster seats for driving. This will ensure that your lower back is supported while you drive.

Secondly, you need to sit at a comfortable distance from the steering wheel. When you sit too far, it puts strain on your lumbar spine, neck, shoulder, and wrist. However, sitting too close might put you at a risk of injury from the car’s airbag.

How Can You Improve Your Posture While Working?

Most pains and aches in the back of your neck, upper shoulders, and spine while working at a desk can be avoided by adopting a user friendly workstation that has spine-friendly seating cushions.

Try not to hunch forward while looking at the computer screen. Instead, sit back in the office chair and if possible use a gel seat cushion to provide lumbar support.

Make sure you adjust the seat of the office chair to be at level with the work surface. You must never have the keyboard higher or lower than your elbow. Aim for a perfect 90oangle and invest in the right seat cushions to ensure the right sitting posture and a healthy spine.

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