How to travel in comfort with specialist support cushions

How to travel in comfort with specialist support cushions

Travel is part of life for many of us - the daily commute to work, visiting far-flung friends or relatives, driving to appointments… Getting from A to B is a necessary aspect of daily living, but it’s not always the most comfortable experience. Whether you’re driving to work or taking a long-haul flight abroad, investing in specialist travel support pillows and cushions can improve your comfort levels.

Sitting for a long period of time can be uncomfortable, and it’s no wonder - the human body just wasn’t made to spend hours at any one time in a stationary seated position. In some cases, however - such as when driving a long distance or flying overseas - sitting down for several hours is unavoidable.

In these situations, feeling comfortable is key. If you have a bad back, are prone to aches and pains or suffer from a sore neck while traveling, it could be worthwhile making an investment in travel support pillows to enhance your comfort on the move.

What are travel support cushions?

As the name suggests, travel support cushions are designed to provide your body with the necessary support and comfort when you’re traveling. This could be when you’re out and about in the car, doing your shopping in your wheelchair, flying overseas or taking a long train journey, for example.

In each case, you’re required to sit for a period of time - often hours - which can put pressure on areas of the body and cause discomfort. Support cushions are expertly developed to relieve this discomfort and ensure that traveling is more of a pleasant experience, or at least as painless as possible for those who suffer from back problems or related conditions.

Of course, not all support cushions are created equal - quality is an important factor to consider when choosing a travel support cushion. Both the casing and the stuffing of a travel neck support cushion or seat pad should be of optimum quality and manufacturing to ensure value and performance.

What are the most popular travel support cushions - and why?

Comfort cushions can be used in a variety of settings, such as at home or at work, but traveling often involves being seated for hours at a time, too. As such, many support cushions are specially made to withstand the rigors of travel, manufactured with washable covers and convenient carry handles for portability. There’s a variety of comfort cushions to choose from, targeting different areas of the body:

Coccyx seat cushion - Expertly designed to provide support for the very lowest area of the back, a coccyx seat cushion can help enhance comfort by aligning the spine and promoting a healthy posture, in turn reducing back pain and improving circulation to the lower extremities.

The coccyx is located at the very bottom section of the spine, also known as the tailbone. Sitting for long periods of time puts pressure on the area, which can cause discomfort or make current sensitivity worse. A coccyx seat cushion supports the body’s weight and the cut-out horseshoe section prevents direct pressure on this area of the back. Look for a coccyx seat cushion with a non-slip underside and a carry handle for ease of use and transportation.

Benefits include:

  • Weight distribution
  • Spinal alignment
  • Pressure point relief
  • Pain management of herniated, bulging or degenerated discs

Back and lumbar cushion - To prevent backache when traveling, try a back and lumbar cushion, which can be positioned behind you in a car or on a plane. A back and lumbar support cushion maintains the natural inward curve of your lumbar spine, aiding proper posture and boosting comfort during travel.

A correct seated position distributes weight evenly across the body’s joints and muscles. Incorrect posture with an overarching or flat curve of the back, however, can result in pain like lumbago. Both seats that are too soft or too hard can throw your posture askew. A lumbar support cushion helps to prevent these problems, correcting the posture and enhancing weight distribution.

Benefits include:

  • Eases pain in the lower back
  • Prevents slouching
  • Relieves pressure on lumbar discs
  • Aids management of sciatica pain

Large seat cushion - Flat, hard seats can be uncomfortable to sit on, putting pressure on the spine, tailbone, buttocks and even the back of the legs. This can result in pinched nerves, tight muscles and orthopedic problems. Invest in a large, flat seat cushion expertly made from dense foam to give your body the comfort and support it needs.

Sitting on a hard surface may be uncomfortable because the seat’s cushioning has worn away, or perhaps as a result of back problems. Either way, a large, supportive seat cushion can help relieve discomfort by dissipating pressure and conforming to the contours of your body. A support seat cushion suspends the tailbone in mid-air, enabling weight distribution.

Benefits include:

• Natural pain relief • Restores spine’s natural lumbar curve • Corrects posture • Relieves numbness

Contour neck pillow - Consistent tilting of the head forwards, backwards or to the side increases the weight focus on the spine and neck muscles. When traveling, use a contour neck pillow to provide essential support, reducing the pressure on your neck bones, muscles and nerves.

Long car journeys, train rides, flights and even periods of time spent in a wheelchair can be tiring. When you want to rest your head, a specially designed contour neck pillow can help reduce the strain on your neck. Developed from responsive foam, a contour neck pillow is designed to fit the unique shape of your neck and provide comfort when you’re traveling.

Benefits include:

  • Relaxes muscles
  • Eliminates pressure points
  • Alleviates neck and back pain
  • Promotes restful sleep

How to choose a quality support pillow

There are literally dozens of support pillows available on the market, which can make choosing the best option for you a bit of a minefield. Getting value for money means checking out any brands you’re thinking of buying from to make sure that the product you choose will serve its purpose well and for a reasonable length of time.

To make sure that you invest in a quality travel support cushion, pay special attention to the following areas:

Company reputation

When researching neck or back support pillows, check out the company’s reputation by reading testimonials and also their customer feedback on social platforms. This should provide an insight into the business’ dealings with clients - both positive and negative. Even if a company has some negative feedback, it’s worth noting how they address and deal with the issue - all businesses fall foul of late delivery companies at some time or other, for example, but it’s how they mitigate the issues that reflects the level of customer service offered.

Also, it’s worthwhile seeing if the products come with any kind of guarantee - the promise of quality or your money back can provide peace of mind that your hard-earned cash will be well spent or returned to you if you find fault with your purchase. Only a business confident in the quality of its products would be willing to guarantee your satisfaction.

Quality of materials

Look at the materials used in support cushions, too - while regular pillows may be stuffed with polyester filling, feathers or latex, support cushions are usually filled with memory foam, which allows the cushion to mold itself to each user’s unique body shape while retaining its supportive firmness. There are various benefits to using memory foam in support pillows, including enhanced density and the material’s ability to retain shape without becoming lumpy.

The exterior of a neck or back support cushion is also important in terms of comfort. A neck contour cushion, for example, should be covered in soft, breathable material that won’t make the user too hot or uncomfortable. Lumbar cushions and seat support pads often come with a variety of coverings but among the best is bamboo - this natural material is durable, breathable and washable.

Value for money

Price may be a factor in your purchasing decision but it shouldn’t take priority over more important elements, such as pain relief - after all, it’s impossible to put a price on your comfort. To achieve optimum value for money from the travel support pillow you purchase, strike an acceptable balance between quality and price.

If you find a product that’s well made from quality materials, is slightly more expensive than competing products but that comes with a guarantee, you have the reassurance of making a risk-free investment. That’s not to say that you need to choose the most expensive option on the market, either - if you compare products side by side and find two support pillows that have the same great features and benefits, it’s a matter of choosing the most reputable brand, or looking for added bonuses like a guarantee.

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