How to Combine Comfort and Discipline in Our Current Home Environment

How to Combine Comfort and Discipline in Our Current Home Environment

When it comes to creating and maintaining a great lifestyle, comfort is important, and so is discipline. But we've all had to find a new balance between these two elements of our lifestyle due to the disruptions, distractions and restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

So what's the solution? How do you balance discipline and comfort when the home has become the school and the office, as well as the one truly safe refuge we have when it comes to social distancing?

Start with a new approach. Let's break down the home into different areas and see if we can find some new ways to bring both comfort and discipline into our current Covid-19 lifestyle.

The Home Office

Thousands of people have been working from home for years, but doing it during the Covid-19 era is different, to say the least.

Rules regarding privacy and work time are obviously important, but they can't be too rigid. There will be times when things go haywire, and that's when it becomes especially important to have the comfort we need to feel supported and be productive.

In this particular space, it's all about being ergonomic. Comfortable furniture, a well-planned and designed space, and ergonomic chair cushions from companies like Xtreme Comfort can make the difference between enjoying work and working in pain.

The Living Space

We don't normally think of the living space as an area where we need to be ergonomic, but we definitely need to be comfortable there.

During Covid-19 the living space has become much more multifunctional, with different activities now occurring there that were often done outside the home.

Once again, there are products that can help with this. Attractive furniture, a segmented space and special seat cushions can help us enjoy these spaces in a new way as we redesign our routines on the fly.

The Sleep Space

In the brave new world of Covid-19, this may be the most important area of all when it comes to comfort. It's hard to overestimate how essential good sleep is during normal times, but right now it's even more critical in keeping us healthy and alive.

This is the area where a company like Xtreme Comfort can offer the most help. More and more people are implementing discipline in their sleep habits by eliminating blue light after certain hours, going to bed early and so on.

But the bedding, mattresses and pillows are just as important in this process, if not more so. Memory foam mattresses, bed wedge pillows, and specially designed pillows and pillowcases should all be part of the grand plan here when it comes to staying safe, healthy and comfortable.

This process can be extended, of course. Eventually we'll be able to be mobile and travel again, and when that happens Xtreme products designed to support the coccyx, back, lumbar area and neck should all be part of the travel checklist.

In fact, you can expand this kind of evaluation process to just about every area of your home and every activity that constitutes your lifestyle. The current Covid-19 situation doesn't automatically be harsh and stressful-it can also represent an opportunity for improvement that we use and take forward as we adapt and eventually overcome the virus.