Health Benefits of a Cooling Gel Pillow

Health Benefits of a Cooling Gel Pillow

If you have issues with your pillow getting heated at night due to body temperature, which leads to sweaty spells, a gel fiber pillow for sleeping could be a good option for you. A cooling gel pillow, popularly called a “chillow” may solve all your sweaty nighttime problems. The technology for these pillows has been borrowed from NASA!

Gel pillows are the latest thing in bedding and lifestyle and are available in a wide variety of styles. Each model is different in terms of building materials, their covers, and the contouring designs. You have plenty of options to choose from.

The side sleeper cool pillows usually have an external layer filled with cooling gel. Through the process of conduction they are able to absorb your body temperature. As the heat is distributed across the gel layer, it offers a cool feeling.

Gel pillows have a layer of special gel fiber for overall comfort. The kind of cooling such pillows offer usually depends on the materials used in the pillow. Each Gel Pillow from Xtreme Comforts uses sheer science to offer you extreme comfort! These pillows can offer twice the cooling of a normal pillow. Using a technology that was used first by NASA, the PCM (Phase Change Material) covers offer a silky, soft, and quilted cooling experience. These pillows usually combine gel fiber filling with the PCM technology.

Drawing the heat out of the body, dispersing it, and lowering the temperatures helps PCM pillows to offer their cooling effect. These pillows feel cooler when touched, and such cooling is usually not available in other standard pillows. The soft and cooling effect of gel fiber filling allows sufficient air circulation and heat distribution in order to enhance cooling - a proprietary blend added by Xtreme Comforts.


4 Notable Factors to be Checked in a Cooling Pillow

1. Softness

Cooling bed pillows should be soft to deliver comfort for both side sleepers and back sleepers. This hypoallergenic, soft pillow molds according to the shape of the neck and head to let the pressure points enjoy relaxing comfort while also offering firm support.

Pillows that have more weight and are denser than gel fiber pillows cause them to have certain minimum heights, making them unsuitable for use by stomach sleepers.

Pillows with gel fiber are less dense than heavier ones, which can help stomach sleepers. Fiber gel pillows also provide more convenient airflow than solid foam.

It is important to keep your cooling gel pillows fresh. Airing the cover out for 24-72 hours in a sufficiently ventilated area is a solution for this.

Gel fiber for cooling pillows is breathable and manually washable, and these pillows are known to provide great support. Gel fiber pillows are plusher and fluffier than memory foam variants.


2. Design

A cooling pillow that is designed for one’s specific sleeping style is ideal for a sound sleep. The idea is simple: if the design is not suitable, it can hamper your sleep.

Someone who sleeps with their stomach or back down may need a thinner, lighter, and soft-to-moderately firm cooling pillow. Those who sleep on their side may need a higher and extra firm pillow for greater support of the neck area.

Various types of cooling pillows that are specifically contoured are available for back and side sleepers who may have neck, shoulder, or back pain. With a curved design adjusting to the head, shoulders, and neck, these cooling pillows help maintain an ideal posture for the spine during sleep too.

3. Hypoallergenic Nature

Hypoallergenic pillows are for allergy sufferers who no longer have to compromise comfort for the sake of better sleep!
Hypoallergenic gel-filled pillows are usually found in luxury hotel collections. These pillows have covers that are machine washable and easily detachable for quick cleaning.

4. Warranty Terms

As the pillows are bought for a specific duration of time, they must be checked for their probable longevity. Checking out the warranty gives an idea of the item’s quality and can be an ideal strategy for investigating the kind of longevity the cooling pillow may offer.

Working Process of Cooling Gel Pillows

The head is usually hotter than the rest of the human body. In summer, when temperatures climb high, sweaty conditions may occur due to the accumulation of heat in the pillow.

To find a cooler alternative, people generally flip the sides of the pillow in order to achieve a cooling effect. Traditional memory foam pillows do not provide a cooling effect and may keep the head portion warm.

The cool gel pillow comes with various cooling options, such as inserted gel beads or shredded, minute gel fibers. These are soothing and provide you with a perfect option for head rest. By dissipating and regulating heat, the cooling pillows maintain a certain temperature which is cool enough for you to sleep comfortably.

The material inside the cooling pillows also responds and automatically contours to the head, shoulder, and neck. This provides the needed comfort and support while also allowing the muscles to relax.

A gel sleeping pillow is ideal for a comfortable rest, will provide you with a cozy sleep, and will result in a fresh morning start.

The Prominent Health Advantages of Gel Pillows

On top of being an innovative alternative to regular pillows, gel fiber pillows can offer many important health benefits for its users.

1. Sleep Comfortably at Night

There may be situations that keep you altering your sleeping position, flipping sides during the night. The cool gel pillow offers a comfortable and cool surface for the head. These pillows help you to fall asleep faster.

Research has proven that a cooling pillow can provide sleep that is up to three times deeper than with a normal pillow.

2. Relieving Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition that makes sleep disorganized. People with insomnia have sleep breaks in the night and they find it difficult to fall back to sleep and/ or to stay asleep until the morning. Insomnia causes individuals to be fatigued, results in low energy, and renders frustration.

A cooling pillow can solve the problem of insomnia to certain extents. The cool gel pillows allow the head to stay cooler so as not to break the sleep due to excessive heat at any time during the night’s sleep.

 3. Avoiding Various Metabolic Diseases

Many serious ailments - such as diabetes, stroke, obesity, and heart diseases - may occur due to the irregularity or absence of sleep. People tend to move frequently during sleep and change their positions when they do not sleep well enough.

Sleep irregularities double the threat of metabolic diseases in the long run. The gel-filled pillows that help in augmenting proper sleep may also help you to avoid the dangers of metabolic diseases.

 4. Improve the Appearance of your Skin

Improper and insufficient sleep may give the skin a dry look, leading to a stressed and aged appearance. Moreover, various skin problems - such as black circles, loose skin, and pale complexion - may occur due to lack of sleep.

The skin may also look aged and have less of a glow due to the absence of proper sleep. The cool gel pillows help you to get optimum sleep and therefore keep your skin youthful and glowing.

5. Improved Mental Health

It has been proven through research that a good night’s sleep boosts positive mental health conditions. The cooling options offered by gel fiber pillows can help you keep your mental health conditions fresh and optimal.

Sleep disturbances can also lead to weight gain and a weak immune system. A cooling gel pillow may help you sleep deeply and enrich your mental health. You just need a calm and soothing environment and proper sleeping postures, accompanied by a cooling pillow.

6. Avoiding Serious Breakouts

The human body radiates heat throughout the day, but this radiation increases at night. As a result, you may feel that your head, face, or feet are hot or sweaty at night. The increased sensation of heat releases oils that can clog the pores of your skin.

Over time, this process can cause damage to the skin and make you more prone to skin troubles such as breakouts. With the help of sleeping pillow with cooling gel, you can minimize the heat generation and avoid the facial or body oils that could be spoiling your skin.

7. Improving Sleep Patterns and Avoiding Disturbances

Nobody relishes that idea of having to twist and turn all night. When you are tired after a hard day’s work, it can be frustrating if your sleep is disturbed due to the slightest of changes in the environment (sound, light, temperature, etc.). When your head is positioned uncomfortably at night, it contributes to disturbed sleep.

This is where a bed pillow with cooling gel can make a key difference to your sleep. Research has shown that cooling pillows can improve your sleeping patterns and help you enjoy a sound sleep, helping you to remain oblivious to any minor disturbances in your environment.

8. Keep Away from Anxiety and Depression

If you suffer from a loss of sleep over a long period of time, chances are that you may develop signs of anxiety or even depression. All clinical charts that talk about the ways to maintain your physical and mental health typically include a guideline to get “at least 6 to7 hours of deep sleep.”

This is because the human body is a natural machine, and like every other machine, it needs to be switched off for a few hours every day. A cooling gel side sleeper pillow can help you to stay away from anxiety and depression simply by ensuring that you receive several hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

9. Protection Against Severe Heat

If you live in a region where the summer season is harsh, your body is required to sustain hot and humid temperatures for several months of the year. In some places, the temperatures can go extremely high and it becomes important to beat the heat with various techniques.

While central air conditioning and other cooling technologies can help up to a point, it’s never a prudent idea to use them excessively. You can ensure that your body stays cooler and has reduced dependence on electrical cooling systems when you use a cooling gel sleep pillow every night.

Other Notable Advantages of Having a Cooling Pillow

While health is our priority at all times, there are other prominent advantages that cooling pillows can bring to you.

1. The Cooling Effect

A fresh night’s sleep leads to a fresher morning. A cooling pillow can provide a much needed, ultimate comfort, especially in hot summers. The cooling pillows keep you cool throughout the night so that you do not feel bothered by a hot and sweaty head during sleep.

2. Save Money

Instead of investing in air conditioners that lead to expenses by adding hefty electricity bills, a cooling pillow can be a better option for you in the summers.

3. Variety

Apart from all shapes and sizes you may need according to your head and neck shapes, and regardless of what kind of cooling pillow you need - hypoallergenic, built with cooling gel fiber, with a gusseted look, and/or classic – there is no end of varieties of cooling pillows.

For Whom are the Cooling Pillows the Best?

If you suffer from hot spells at night and keep flipping the pillow to feel cooler during hot summer nights, a cool gel pillow could be a great option for you.

Apart from offering a more restful and completely uninterrupted night’s sleep, cooling pillows can be especially useful for optimum comfort during the hot and humid conditions of summer.

The American Academy of Sleep (AAS) says insomnia can be minimized by bringing down the temperature of the prefrontal cortex, the portion of the brain that is next to the forehead. A cooling pillow may offer practical assistance by helping you avoid insomnia, and that can be a great option for people who suffer from this debilitating condition.

Buy a Cooling Gel Bed Pillow Now

With all the great benefits of a comfortable and deep night’s sleep, you can enjoy a better and more rewarding life if you choose to buy a queen or king-sized cooling pillow.

The best part is that since the prices are not sky-high, you will be better off with a cooling pillow instead of a normal pillow anyway.

Don’t forget to check out the best offers available on the market from Xtreme Comforts. A better night’s sleep is worth a million dollars but the cooling pillows from Xtreme Comforts are much less pricey, so get yours today!