Good Posture When You Sit: Chair Cushions Can Help

Good Posture When You Sit: Chair Cushions Can Help

A large percentage of people are afflicted with back pain, and poor posture is to blame. Sitting upright at work or home could be the simplest preventative and care solutions for back pain. Posture is everything, and the right chair cushions can help you maintain it without breaking a sweat.

What is Good Posture?

A good sitting posture takes the pressure off your lower and upper back. To sit upright, your back must be straight with your shoulders slightly thrown backward.

To Sit Upright, Ensure That:

  • Your feet are resting on the floor/footrest
  • You don't cross knees /ankles
  • The back is against the chair or seat cushion
  • Your knees are level with or slightly lower than the hips
  • Your shoulders are relaxed, and forearms are parallel to the hips
  • The elbows stay at the sides at a right angle with the arms

Common Poor Sitting Postures

  • Bending forwards while working at an office desk or eating at a dinner table
  • Ignoring the benefits of the office chair's lumbar back support function
  • Sliding forwards in a seat
  • Slouching back in an unnatural curve

Health Consequences of Poor Sitting Posture

Poor posture will kill your back. Once it's done, it will affect your overall wellness in endless ways and rob you of the joy of life. Hernia, back pain, and spinal disc degeneration are all related to a poor sitting posture. Your spinal discs, after a long time of bearing the pressure, will start wearing out. The results will be immense pain and restricted mobility.

Other health risks of poor sitting posture include:

  • Dislocated or ruptured spinal discs
  • Frequent problems with the digestive system
  • Numbness in the feet due to nerve constriction
  • Spine deformation and disability
  • Cardiovascular health issues due to restricted circulation

What You Can Do to Improve Your Sitting Posture

Stretching exercises

You can improve posture and circulation by stretching at the desk. It straightens and realigns the vertebrae of the back so you can easily sit upright. It also reduces tension in tissues making it easier to sit upright for prolonged periods.

Take small breaks

The golden rule is taking a break after every 20 minutes of sitting. The muscles and bones of the back are not designed to support a long time of sitting or standing. Like all creatures, human beings must move. Take a short break to stroll around. It'll help to relieve pressure from the back.

Support the back

If you spend a long time sitting at home or the office, invest in an ergonomic seat with lumbar support. The use of a replacement cushion can help to keep your back straight without causing strain on your upper body.

Xtreme Comfort has a wide assortment of seat cushions, including Patio cushions that you can serve as your polite reminder to stay upright each time you are about to slouch. The unique designs of the Xtreme Comfort chair cushions relieve pressure in the tail bone, relax the glutes, and boosts circulation to your lower back and legs for overall wellness.

Take home message

Good posture equals healthiness and a good life. You can sit upright by supporting your back, taking breaks, or taking brief moments to stretch.