Gel Memory Foam Pillow Is the Last Pillow You’ll Need

Gel Memory Foam Pillow Is the Last Pillow You’ll Need

Most people take sleep for granted. It is such a natural part of our lives that we rarely take the time to think about the basic mechanics of good quality sleep. Multiple things need to occur in and around the human body for quality sleep to take place. One of those environmental factors is temperature. A body can attain premium quality sleep only when the external temperature (which will affect its internal temperature) is within a certain range. There are many ways to help regulate this temperature, all of which come with varying results. A gel memory foam pillow is one solution.

How Does Temperature Affect Sleep?

While we may not think about it, we have all noticed how temperature affects our sleep in one way or another. For instance, do you leave a fan on or a window open at night? Or do you add an extra blanket before bed? We are aware that temperature has something to do with our sleep, but to what extent?
Humans are endotherms. Essentially, we can thermoregulate, or maintain our body temperature through a balance of heat absorption, production and loss. Human body temperature has a small range within which it must be maintained. Anything above 104.9 degrees Fahrenheit or below 92.3 degrees could cause injury or even prove fatal.

As mammals, we have two temperature zones to regulate: our core temperature and our shell temperature. Core temperature is the temperature of the abdominal, thoracic and cranial cavities and is controlled by the brain. Shell temperature is the temperature of the skin, subcutaneous tissues, and muscles. The shell temperature is affected by external temperatures and the environment.
A cooler core body temperature is associated with sleep, while a warmer core temperature is associated with being awake and energized. It makes sense, then, that during sleep, you can experience a drop in core temperature of about two degrees Fahrenheit. During REM sleep, your brain stops working to regulate your body temperature. Therefore, external measures are critical to maintaining an optimal sleeping environment.

According to research, the best temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this can be hard to maintain, especially during the warmer seasons of the year. That is why you must modify your sleeping environment as best as you can. One way is to use a gel memory foam pillow.


Gel-infused Memory Foam Keeps You Cool

It is easy to understand why some people would believe that a memory foam pillow would only make you hotter at night. After all, it does enclose around you as it conforms to your shape. However, that is just not the case with cool gel memory foam. Gel memory foam pillows are made with memory foam that has been infused with gel particles or beads. This construction ensures that the gel is spread evenly throughout the pillow — from its core to its surface.
Gel brings an extra cool feel to memory foam pillows. This is because gel is part liquid. As liquid is a known cooling agent, a gel memory foam pillow helps disperse the heat and keeps you cooler for longer periods.

As well, the manufacturing process of gel-infused memory foam ensures that there are more open-air passageways for increased breathability. The infusion of gel increases airflow throughout the memory foam, allowing heat to disperse and escape more easily. Most importantly, the gel memory foam pillow will dissipate and regulate heat to ensure that you have a more comfortable and restful night sleep.

The cool gel memory foam will not take anything away from the benefits of a regular memory foam pillow. The inner memory foam will continue to respond to your weight and contour to your head and neck to ensure optimal comfort while you sleep. The process of infusing gel into the memory foam will simply add a cooling factor to your pillow and not take away the comfort.

Benefits of Using A Gel Memory Foam Pillow

As you can tell, temperature can play a large part in getting a good night’s sleep. If you can regulate your external sleeping environment, you will sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed. Since the cool gel memory foam pillow aids in attaining a better quality of sleep, let’s look at some of the benefits you will receive by getting such a restful night’s sleep.

1. Better Ability to Focus Throughout the Day

Sleep plays a critical role in thinking and learning. Poor-quality sleep can lead to accidents and injury as it impairs attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem-solving. If you are a student or trying to learn a new skill, a lack of sleep will make it much harder to learn efficiently.

Lack of sleep can even affect our interpretation of events. This hurts our ability to make sound judgments because we may not assess situations accurately and act on them wisely.

Getting a good quality rest at night will rid you of these focus problems.

2. Increased Overall Physical Health

If you suffer from chronic sleep loss, you may be at risk for serious health issues. Heart disease, heart attack, heart failure and an irregular heartbeat are all associated with a lack of sleep. High blood pressure, stroke and diabetes also seem to be potential health conditions associated with lack of sleep.

3. Helps to Prevent Weight Gain

Lack of sleep is related to an increase in hunger and appetite, and possibly to obesity. Sleep loss will also stimulate cravings for high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods. These effects seem linked to our brain chemistry. A peptide called ghrelin stimulates hunger, while the peptide, leptin, signals a suppression of appetite. Shortened sleep time is not only associated with a decrease in leptin, but also an elevation in ghrelin.

4. Improves Mental Health

Poor sleep quality contributes to the symptoms of depression. Insomnia and depression feed on each other. Sleep loss often aggravates the symptoms of depression, and depression can make it more difficult to fall asleep. It is a vicious cycle that we need to be careful not to fall into.

With all the benefits of a gel memory foam pillow, you are probably hoping to purchase one. But you shouldn’t buy a product just because it says it is a gel-infused pillow — seek out the best quality. Luckily, Xtreme Comforts now has a Gel Infused Fiber Memory Foam Pillow with Removable Tencel Cover.

Xtreme Comforts Gel Memory Foam Pillow Is Your High-Quality Solution

The Xtreme Comforts Gel Infused Fiber Memory Foam Pillow with Removable TENCEL Cover takes sleeping comfort to the next level. Not only does this memory foam cooling pillow draw out heat for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep — it does so much more.

The cool gel memory foam pillow is fully adjustable. Simply unzip the cotton pillow cover and add or remove the fill for a firm or soft pillow, a thin pillow or a thick one.

Speaking of the pillow cover, this extra-soft TENCEL cover is 300-count cotton sourced from natural, raw material wood and is removable, washable, and did we mention extra-soft?

With other, lower-quality pillows, the processes of creating gel-infused memory foam can produce a strong chemical smell that lingers on the pillow. This is not the case for Xtreme Comforts Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow. With Xtreme Comforts’ high-end production process, you can count on your pillow being fresh and odor-free right out of the box. Not only is it fresh and odor-free, but this cooling memory foam pillow is also hypoallergenic so that you can safely rest your head at night.

The Xtreme Comforts Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow with TENCEL pillow cover allows for airflow and breathability that makes for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep every night.

The Xtreme Comforts Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow with TENCEL Pillow Cover is ready for you now. Made in the USA and CertiPUR-US certified, this memory foam cooling pillow arrives fresh, is hypoallergenic, flame retardant and free of harmful chemicals. Not only that, but Xtreme Comforts also offers a two-year buy-back promise. That’s a full 730 days with the gel memory foam pillow of your dreams. If you are not happy with it for any reason, Xtreme comforts will make it right.

Your key to a cool, restful night’s sleep is at your fingertips. Get your Xtreme Comforts Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow with TENCEL Pillow Cover today.