From Body Pillows To Neck Pillows: Make Working From Home Work For You

From Body Pillows To Neck Pillows: Make Working From Home Work For You

The many luxuries of working from home can come at a cost. Unfortunately, that cost is usually paid in bodily aches and pains, and while you suffer, so does your work. Whether you experience chronic back pain, or have developed an issue as the result of poor posture while working from home, using the proper pillows can offer you effective pain relief solutions.

Wherever you work, be it at a desk, on the patio, or from the couch, having the proper support in the form of neck pillows, body pillows, and even outdoor cushions, can make all the difference in your long term bodily health. Read on for a list of things you can do to improve your working conditions so that you can maximize the time you spend working, and enjoy the time you spend relaxing.

Amp Up Your Office Chair

Even if you have a nice desk chair in your home, there are several additions that can make your seat more ergonomic to relieve and prevent chronic neck and back pain. If you experience backaches, tight muscles, or pinched nerve pain, a lumbar pillow can help correct your posture and provide relief. A coccyx seat cushion can further improve spinal alignment and ease pressure.

Get Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone

When the weather is nice, it is great to take advantage of a change of scenery by moving your work space outside. Outdoor cushions alone don't always provide enough support, though. Adding a specialty padded seat cushion prevents numbness when sitting for long periods of time. The addition of a lumbar or coccyx pillow, as mentioned above, elevates your outdoor seat, so you can truly enjoy your work environment.

Cozy Up On The Couch

It is common to have a variety of throw pillows on the couch. While throw pillows can be strategically positioned to support your body, one area that is often neglected on the couch is the neck. A neck pillow allows you to lean back in a supported manner, rather than slouching down and hunching over. This helps prevent pain that can make you feel too tired to do your best work.

Support Your Sleep For A Better Workday

When the workday is done, continue to support your body during rest time, so you wake up ready to give it your all the next day. Discovering the right pillow for your sleep position makes a huge difference in how your body feels in the morning. Adding a body pillow or knee pillow can help immensely with lower back pain, while a wedge pillow offers back pain relief along with a list of solutions to problems like acid reflux, snoring, and post-nasal drip.


Working from home can be a real pain without the right support. Xtreme Comforts leads the industry in top rated pillows and cushions to remedy a wide variety of pain related to sitting for long periods of time. If you're working from home, put your best foot forward by taking care of your neck and back with supportive pillows.