5 Benefits of Coccyx Seat Cushion in Relieving Tailbone Pain

5 Benefits of Coccyx Seat Cushion in Relieving Tailbone Pain

An average American spends around 13 hours a day sitting down. A sedentary lifestyle has adverse effects on health, which is why it is common to hear someone complain about bodily aches and pains. A typical example is experiencing prolonged dull, and sometimes sharp pain in the tailbone.

The bony structure at the end of our spine is called the Coccyx, and sitting down for long periods can cause trauma to this part of the body. To relieve the pain and prevent it from getting worse, it is recommended to use a coccyx seat cushion. But will any seat cushion do the trick?

A unique seat cushion to relieve tailbone pain

Minor cases of tailbone pain will eventually go away without requiring any treatment. If you want to reduce the discomfort and prevent the symptoms from getting worse, it helps if you have a seat cushion that reduces lower back pain. However, any ordinary cushion will not do. It has to be a special cushion designed to relieve tailbone pain.

A Coccyx seat cushion is usually made with heavy-duty memory foam or gel. It is typically V or wedge-shaped for maximum orthopaedic support, with a small cut out at the back for relieving pressure on the spine.

Benefits of using a seat cushion

1. Relieve tailbone pain and discomfort

The main reason for using a Coccyx cushion is to make sitting more comfortable. For anyone whose lifestyle involves hours in front of a computer or working on a desk, getting a chair cushion is a must.

If you suffer from tailbone pain, a seat cushion is one of the best solutions to alleviating discomfort and reducing pain. Along with periodic stretching and standing up, you need not endure tailbone pain because a seat cushion will relieve pressure from the base of your spine.

2. Provide gentle support for your lower back

A Coccyx seat cushion made with high-quality memory foam provides gentle support for the sensitive area at the bottom of your spine. A slight elevation in your back pushes your pelvis forward and places the tailbone in a comfortable position.

3. Improved posture

Prolonged hours of sitting can also result in bad posture. A chair cushion helps prevent you from slouching and keeps you more aware of your posture.

4. Unique design for optimum comfort

Unlike any ordinary cushion you can sit on, the cut-out design of a coccyx cushion makes it ideal in keeping pressure off the tailbone, which is one of the most sensitive areas in your spine.

5. Portable

A seat cushion for tailbone pain is not only for the home or office. It is lightweight and portable which means you can bring it anywhere with you whenever you anticipate the possibility of sitting down for a long time.

Coccyx cushions also come in a variety shapes and sizes to meet the various needs of anyone looking for relief from tailbone pain. If you are looking for a pillow for tailbone pain, you can visit Xtreme Comforts for details about our product and how it can help give you the comfort you need.