Bed Wedge Pillow: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Bed Wedge Pillow: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Bed wedge pillows are slowly but surely taking the medical world by storm. Did you know that this humble bedding accessory can provide a natural, painless solution to many a health disorder? For the uninitiated, this may seem like a tall, unjustified claim.

But as you will discover through this guide, bed wedge pillows are scientifically designed to align the spine, correct your posture, and provide quick relief from many ailments. For this reason, they are also called therapeutic pillows.

This guide also lists the essential qualities of high-quality foam wedge pillows, so you can make a smart investment that gives you maximum benefits.

Instant Advantages of Switching to a Wedge Pillow

A bed wedge pillow (also referred to as a bed wedge) is designed differently than an ordinary pillow.

First, it can be twice as deep. Second, it is a lot thicker at one end and gradually tapers to a zero incline at the other end. It looks like a triangle-shaped pillow, hence its name (wedge). This exclusive design consciously factors the curvature of the human spine.

Do not allow the term “pillow” to fool you. This is a multifunctional accessory that can be used in your bedroom for sleeping or your living room or office rooms when you are sitting. When you use a pillow wedge, its design ensures that your head, neck, and spinal region are in perfect alignment.

With this, your posture is automatically corrected, even as you enjoy complete support and comfort. As the medical community often iterates, fixing the posture can also fix several health disorders.

You can feel free to make extensive use of the wedge pillow – at night in bed, at work in your office, or even when you are relaxing with a book or in front of the TV.

Finally, wedge pillows are made of foam and therefore do not flatten like ordinary cotton pillows. This way, your fluffy pillow stays luxuriantly cushy even after continued usage.

Using Foam Wedge Pillows for Physical Ailments

The health benefits of the pillow wedge come from its ergonomic and therapeutic design. Here is just a glimpse:

1. Sleep Apnea Pillows for Breathing Disorders.

There are many people who suffer from a host of respiratory disorders like snoring and sleep apnea.

These disorders occur when the sleeping posture hampers the airflow between the nose, throat, and lungs and results in restrictive breathing.

If these disorders are chronic conditions they can lead to strokes or even fatal heart attacks triggered during sleep. Fortunately, there is an easy fix.

When you use an anti-snore pillow, it supports your back and neck while also raising your upper body to an incline. This posture instantly regulates your breathing. With continued use, you are no longer prone to breathing difficulties during sleep, so you can enjoy deep, undisturbed rest.

You may also be surprised to know that a bed wedge pillow has a positive effect on sinusitis. Again, doctors attribute this to regulated breathing during the night, which in turn allows the body to rest and heal naturally.

2. Wedge Pillow for Acid Reflux.

Acid reflux is a health condition where the digestive enzymes in your body travel in the wrong direction, towards your upper body. This causes symptoms of nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, heartburn, poor digestion, and several others.

Doctors have realized that this is often triggered by incorrect sleeping posture, especially when a person goes to bed soon after a heavy meal.

The wedge pillow for acid reflex helps you to rest your upper body at an incline and this allows the digestive enzymes to flow easily to the stomach. It can also be used while sitting, especially if you must work immediately after eating.

The clever design of the wedge pillow reduces the occurrence of acid reflux and promotes natural and effective digestion. This technique can also be used to provide relief for other digestive disorders, including like IBS and hiatal hernias.

Doctors recommend sleeping on your side in order to overcome certain types of digestive disorders. For this, it is best to provide extra support for your spine by using side sleeper wedge pillows.

Wedge Pillow for Back or Muscle Aches

There are three types of wedge pillows.
  1. Slim fit pillows are ideal for those who need to sleep on their stomach as this sleeping position can put undue pressure on your back.
  2. The firm back sleeper wedges are ideal for those who sleep on their backs or those who end up switching positions during the night.
  3. The side sleeper foam wedges are ideal for those who suffer from an injury, surgery, or pregnancy and need to sleep on their side. Even those who naturally prefer to sleep this way can benefit from a wedge pillow.
Regardless of the type you use, all foam wedge pillows are firm enough to support your back so your spine is correctly aligned at all times. In fact, you may be surprised to know that many health ailments related to the back or spine can be healed naturally healed, just by adequately supporting the back during a good night’s sleep.

1. Wedge Pillow for Knee Pain.

Knee pain does not require a specially-design pillow. Instead, the humble bed wedge can be tucked between the knees to alleviate knee pain due to injury, surgery, or during pregnancy.

2. Wedge Pillow Usage During Pregnancy, Post-surgery Recovery.

Pregnant women will love the wedge pillow as it can be used in several ways. It can be tucked behind you when you are resting in bed. It can also be placed behind your neck or spine when you are in a sitting posture.

Both positions will help reduce the extra load placed on your back due to the growing weight of your abdominal region.

The bed wedge can also be tucked between your knees during sleep. This can do wonders towards reducing knee pain or pain caused by swollen ankles. Finally, it can also be used as an ingenious foot stool when you are sitting, offering rest for your tired feet.

If you are recovering from a recent injury or surgery, try using a wedge pillow for extra cushion and comfort while sleeping. You can also use it to rest in a sitting position in bed, using the wedge to support your neck and spine at all times.

Key Features to Consider When Buying Your First Bed Wedge

The good news is that you can’t go wrong with a wedge pillow. They are typically made of foam, a material far superior to cotton when used in pillow manufacturing. However, there are still a few of things to take note of when considering your unique needs.

1. Composition

The market presently offers 5 types:

  • Memory foam wedges:

    These have the ability to mold themselves to your body’s contour to provide the best comfort and support. However, the pillows do have a learning curve. They can be stiff in the beginning, but settle into your body type after a few nights of use. This type of pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions but is especially recommended for side sleepers.
  • Shredded memory foam wedges:

    These have a similar construction as standard memory foam pillows but contain many customizable pieces instead of one single piece. Because of this, the pillows are more dense. If you buy from a mediocre brand, you could end up with a wedge pillow that lacks consistency.
  • Latex foam wedges:

    This is the newest form of wedge pillow available and is more environment friendly. This means that it comes with a slightly higher price tag. It is also considered less moldable than memory foam, and therefore not recommended for side sleepers or those who frequently change positions during the night.
  • Down pillow wedges:

    These are made from real duck and goose feathers. They have the ability to keep your neck warm even during cold winters. If you are an animal activist, however, this may not appeal to you. If you can overlook this serious issue though, these type of filling offer the most fluffy of bed wedges.
  • Gel and bamboo pillows:

    These wedge pillows have the ability to absorb water and moisture quickly, and this includes body sweat. This enables you to keep your neck cool at night. For this reason, many brands choose to offer shredded memory foam bed wedges coupled with a cooling pillowcase made of gel or bamboo.

2. Size

The typical wedge pillow designed for sleeping is a 20-inch square. However, you can also order them in other different sizes, including pillows especially for twin beds, queen beds, and king-size beds. If you are unsure of the size, choosing a small size with an expandable zipper compartment is recommended.

With a small pillow you have the option to add extra filling to customize the size. This is especially useful during pregnancy when you experience the need for extra cushioning.

3. Usage

This can be a determining factor, especially if you are investing in a wedge pillow in order to manage a health disorder. For instance, anti-snore pillows are designed differently than sleep apnea pillows.

There are also extra-large pillow wedges that are ideal for sleeping on your side, especially when you are recovering from injury or surgery.

Varied Ways to Use the Versatile Bed Wedge

You have finally decided to invest on your first bed wedge! Hurray! Regardless of the type, size, and filling you choose, it remains a versatile buy. Here are four ways that you can use the same bed pillow to support you in different ways.

Straight Recline for Sitting.

You do not need to invest in an expensive recliner in order to enjoy all of its benefits. Instead, enjoy the same benefits for a throwaway price by using the humble bed wedge. Simply tuck it in behind your back and align the longer end towards the back of your couch.

You can even rest it against your headboard as you sit up to read a book in bed. This reclining position is both ergonomic and comfortable, which means you can happily enjoy its benefits without feeling guilt.

Sloped Support for Sleeping.

In this situation you can use it just like a normal pillow but with the thicker edge facing the headboard and the thinner edge facing the bottom of the bed.

Since the pillow covers the head, neck, and upper body regions, it’s ideal for both back sleepers and side sleepers. This style is especially recommended for those suffering from respiratory or digestive disorders.

Knee Support for Pain Relief.

If you experience lower back pain, knee pain, or swollen ankles, tuck the bed wedge between your knees when you sleep at night. This will relieve tired muscles and give you quick relief.

Lap Support on the Couch/Bed.

This is extremely useful when you wish to work from your couch or bed. Simply turn the wedge pillow over, with the long side facing you, and place it on your lap. This instantly transforms the wedge into a comfortable and portable tabletop!

The key is to ensure that you buy a reputable brand of bed wedge pillow so you get undeniable bang for your buck. Xtreme Comforts is a brand that is consistently hailed by top media companies and business journalists. Don’t miss their exciting online offers on their website!