Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow Can Be the Solution to Sleep Deprivation

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow Can Be the Solution to Sleep Deprivation

Xtreme Comforts has crafted the most advanced, soft, silky, quilted bamboo memory foam pillow available today. This naturally comfortable pillow is an ultra-effective alternative to ordinary foam pillows that quite often literally fall flat on the job. Switching to the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow ensures that you will get long-lasting comfort leading to a far more comfortable sleep.

Sleep Deprivation is Often Caused by the Wrong Pillow

Studies show that sleep deprivation is one of the leading contributors to the multitude of health problems people experience in their lives today. Not getting enough sleep has been linked to the exacerbation of all sorts of medical issues from weight gain, high blood pressure, metabolic issues, and muscular-skeletal pain. It can contribute negatively to more serious diseases, such as stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep deprivation can affect every aspect of life from wellness and work performance, to personality and appearance. It is a problem that impacts people of every age and walk of life. It can cause stress and anxiety and an inability to excel at the day to day tasks a well-rested person performs.

While there are many factors that contribute to lack of, or poor quality of sleep, including sleep apnea, chronic pain, disease, and insomnia, one key contributing factor is comfort.

The majority of people simply don’t sleep as well as they could due to poor alignment of their body during the night. This may be a contributing factor exacerbating another underlying issue, or it may well be the sole problem causing their sleep to be impacted.

The good news is that this is an issue that can be corrected by finding the right product for the individual. And one thing is for certain: a high quality, suitable pillow is a must-have. For many people the proper pillow is the key to getting to sleep, staying asleep and awakening refreshed and free from stiffness and pain.
The challenges of finding a suitable pillow are real. People often settle for the common, mass manufactured foam pillows found at departments stores. These come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. It’s common for an individual to waste a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect pillow.

But even the most expensive of these products often fail to provide the exact level of comfort and support the individual requires. Often, they’re too flat or too high, and even when a pillow is found that is the correct height, it quickly goes flat after multiple uses over time. A pillow that supported a person perfectly at the start may no longer work as well for that individual after just a few short weeks or months.

Memory Foam Touted as Go-to Solution

Memory foam is often touted as the go-to solution for this issue because memory foam bounces back after pressure is applied and released. Plus, it contours to the shape of the person’s head and neck. For many customers, this issue is solved when they purchase the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow.
Xtreme Comforts took the benefits of memory foam and improved upon it to create their comfortable memory foam bamboo pillow, and because the company has made it its goal to provide customers with the optimal pillow to help them achieve optimal comfort, they decided to incorporate several known aids in pillow comfort into one. Here are 7 benefits of owning a bamboo memory foam pillow:

1. Advanced Technologies Create a Magic Pillow. 

Inside the soft bamboo pillow case of the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bamboo pillow is an ultra-deluxe, premium quality shredded memory foam that will never go lumpy or flat and will remain uniform in density. This inner memory foam of the pillow contours to the neck and head weight to ensure that optimal support and comfort is achieved. This allows your muscles to relax completely and help you get a comfortable night’s sleep, awaking fresh and rested.

The super comfortable memory foam bamboo pillow has adjustable thickness, so you can create a customized fit for you. Perfect for back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers, the pillow conforms to your personal head & neck contour for a great night’s sleep. This promotes proper back, neck & spine alignment.

The result? It can help stop back & neck pain, tossing & turning, insomnia, migraines, snoring and orthopedic problems because it will conform to your personal head and neck contour for personalized comfort.

And then, like magic, this memory foam pillow will return to its original shape every morning!


2. Shredded Memory Foam is the Secret!

Because the interior of the Xtreme Comforts bamboo pillow is shredded foam, as opposed to one solid memory foam insert, you can mold your pillow to suit your personal sleeping comfort needs—meaning it’s perfect for back, side, or stomach sleepers. Proper back and neck alignment can help with tossing and turning, insomnia, migraines, snoring; it can also help alleviate back and neck pain and other orthopedic problems.

And because form is not the only thing about a pillow that can contribute to sleep issues, Xtreme Comforts encased its memory foam pillow in a micro-vented technology bamboo cover. This cover is soft as a cloud and provides maximum air circulation and breathability.

To understand the value and advantages of using this bamboo casing over the comfortable shredded memory foam core, we need to look a bit further at bamboo as a textile.

Naturally antimicrobial, bamboo is a perfect choice for pillows. Recent studies suggest that bamboo is bacteria resistant due to being high in lignin. Lignin is a polymer that keeps plants woody or rigid and stays bacteria resistant even when diluted. The lignin present in bamboo is broken down during the pulping process and added to the end-fiber. So, you get the benefits of the soft, silky texture of the processed bamboo with the amazing antibacterial characteristics of its original structure! 

3. Hypoallergenic to Prevent Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, you may have sacrificed comfort in the past for a pillow that won’t trigger a reaction. This is not necessary with an all-natural product! That’s right, the Xtreme Comforts bamboo pillow casing provides exceptional comfort while simultaneously being naturally hypoallergenic. In addition to bamboo being a natural product, it is also dust mite resistant, another issue people encounter with regular foam pillows. The bamboo is tough and can endure frequent washings that also aids allergy sufferers. Yes, now you can have a memory foam pillow that is clean all the way through to minimize the chance of a reaction.

Plus, the Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow is made from organically sourced bamboo that has not been exposed to many of the chemicals that people are sensitive to. Of course, there is no guarantee and very rarely people who are very ultra-sensitive may react; however, the risk of that is reduced by this gentle fabric and, indeed, bamboo is often used by people with allergies with success.

4. Washable Fabrics

One of the key advantages of the Xtreme Comfort memory foam bamboo pillow is that bamboo, like many natural fibers, is highly absorbent. In fact, bamboo is especially absorbent compared to other natural fibers. It is often used to make soft, absorbent towels and is commonly used in cloth, reusable baby diapers as it is soft to a baby’s skin and highly durable, maintaining its strength after years of washing. Being able to frequently launder a pillow further reduces exposure to allergens. This is very important for those who are often awakened due to allergic reactions occurring at night from dust mites or other triggers in their pillow.

5. Xtreme Malleability

Bamboo pillows are not a new concept, but by using advanced technology to create a unique product, these bamboo pillows by Xtreme Comforts have premium malleability. They utilize shredded memory foam as filling, which helps provide comfort with excellent and individualized contouring. It aids in relieving pressure points and allows for increased airflow and a softer feel.
Compared to synthetics, the natural bamboo fibers of the Xtreme Comfort Bamboo pillow are softer, thicker and more breathable. Oh yes, these pillows have excellent airflow.

6. Ideal Travel Pillow

The ability to compress the pillow into a smaller size makes it an ideal companion for travel. Memory foam can be flattened and rolled tight. You can compress the smaller sized pillow into a bag, then release it to its full dimensions for ease of transport and comfort.

Furthermore, memory foam can be packaged and stored very easily because of its compression properties. Upon removing from storage, simply plump up the pillow and use. It may need a bit of time to fully fluff up after a long period of storage, but it will in time be restored to its original shape and size.

A huge advantage of the Xtreme Comforts memory foam bamboo pillow is that it will bounce back to its original shape and size, over and over.

7. Made in the USA!

Crafted in the USA, from the finest quality bamboo and memory foam fibers, these pillows are jam packed full of memory foam and peace of mind. With the combined characteristics of being moldable to the individual, being hypoallergenic, its malleability, antibacterial qualities and soft, comfortable exterior, the Xtreme Comfort memory foam bamboo pillow is the ultimate in sleep-inducing comfort.

Experience it for yourself by ordering your Xtreme Comfort Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow today and you’ll be having sweet dreams every night!