Antidumping Duties Against China - Why US Mattress Manufacturers Are Crying Foul

Antidumping Duties Against China - Why US Mattress Manufacturers Are Crying Foul

Antidumping Duties Against China - Why US Mattress Manufacturers Are Crying Foul

An antidumping duty petition against China has been filed by several American mattress manufacturers. The petition highlights how the US mattress industry is being damaged with unfairly traded Chinese imports of inner spring and foam mattresses.

The petitioners have claimed that the dumping margins range from 267% to 1,777%, and have asked the US International Trade Commission and the US.

Department of Commerce to take suitable action. Dumping margins refer to the difference between the normal price value of a product under US trade law and what the Chinese exporters are charging in this case.

Surge in Imports

There has been an astonishing surge in mattress  imports in the US. Between 2015 and 2017, the country witnessed a growth of 218% in imports. As per official US import statistics, the imports continue to grow through 2018. The petition has been filed in response to this exponential increase in the import volumes of low-priced mattresses from China.

Chinese exporters have captured a major share of the US market and grossly damaged American jobs and the American industry by dumping their products at abnormally low prices. For instance, an imported adult mattress from China is sold at just $18 in America.

This constant dumping of mattresses in the US market has forced American manufacturers to cut prices drastically in order to survive. The petitioners have claimed this practice has a negative impact on the domestic mattress companies, their employees and the industry as a whole.

The petition demonstrates how a surge in Chinese import volumes is negatively affecting the sleep products industry. It highlights the adverse effects on the US mattress manufacturing industry, including jobs, sales, production, investments, and profitability.

The American mattress companies have operations in 20 states with over 50 manufacturing plants employing more than 8,000 citizens. The petitioner companies alone comprise about 50% of the entire US mattress industry.

The petition endeavors to offset dumping volumes by seeking antidumping duties to be imposed on Chinese exporters. The investigation is estimated to be completed within 9 to 13 months. However, a preliminary determination by the US authorities will be made within 6 months.

The Scope of the Petition

The scope of this petition is limited to Chinese mattress manufacturers. The term ‘mattress’ denotes an assembly of materials including ‘upholstery’, ‘ticking’ and ‘core’ for the purpose of this petition.

The petition encompasses only ‘youth mattresses’, and ‘adult mattresses’. But it broadly includes all kinds of ‘hybrid mattresses’ including individual ‘inner spring and non-inner spring mattresses’.

Mattresses referred to under this petition may be sold as part of a furniture or independently. For instance, it may be part of a comer group mattresses, convertible sofa bed mattresses, high risers, crib mattresses, rollaway bed mattresses, and trundle bed mattresses. It may also be part of a mattress foundation.

However, futon mattresses are excluded from the scope of this petition. All airbeds including inflatable mattresses and waterbeds are also excluded from the scope of this petition.

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