6 support cushions to relieve your back pain

6 support cushions to relieve your back pain

Back pain is among the most common medical problems in America, affecting up to 31 million residents at any one time, as well as being the leading cause of disability worldwide. Back pain can cause problems at home and at work, but it is possible to find relief - the right support cushions can help.

Expertly designed to align the back and relieve discomfort from nerve, muscle or joint pain, support cushions come in all shapes and sizes. From seat cushions to knee pillows, there are support products developed with specific problems in mind.

It’s important to figure out where your back pain stems from - poor posture, medical problems or unsupportive bedding are all common contributors to back pain. Investing in a support pillow for bedtime or a special seat cushion for the office could work wonders at relieving your backache. Take a look at some of the top support cushions for relieving back pain.

Coccyx seat cushion

A coccyx seat cushion is ideal for using when you have to sit for prolonged periods of time, such as at your desk. If you find yourself wriggling around trying to get comfortable, suffer from numb legs or have backache when you get up after sitting, it could be as a result of strain on your coccyx.

Why should I use a coccyx seat cushion?

A coccyx seat cushion is designed by professionals to reduce the pressure on your tailbone and ensure that you feel more comfortable when seated.

Pressure on the tailbone can be caused by seating surfaces that are not uniformly dense or that do not provide the necessary orthopedic support. Most seats can cause pressure on the tailbone, compressing or pinching the nerves. In turn, this can result in sciatica, or pain down the back of the legs.

Poor seating can also affect posture and result in spinal misalignment. Sitting with poor posture over a period of time can contribute to pinched nerves but also adversely affect flexibility, mobility and joint health.

What are the benefits of a coccyx seat cushion?

A coccyx seat cushion is designed to spread the body’s weight and lessen the pressure on the tailbone. The curved horseshoe design allows the tailbone to ‘float’ in the open space and ensure it isn’t bearing the body’s weight against the seat surface.

The muscles are able to relax, pressure points are reduced and blood flow is optimized. Posture is corrected and the spine is properly aligned, which contributes to a more comfortable experience overall.

Coccyx seat cushions can help provide relief from general backache as well as pain associated with spondylolisthesis, sciatica, stenosis, degenerated discs, bulging or herniated discs, sacral joint pain, pregnancy and other conditions.

Wedge pillow

If you suffer from backache at night, or after sleeping, a wedge pillow may help relieve the pain by providing support during sleep. Usually made form dense yet breathable memory foam, a bed wedge pillow can support your body through the night.

Why should I use a bed wedge pillow?

Many people struggle to sleep at night because of backache or other problems like poor circulation, leg or neck pain, coughing, snoring and acid reflux. In these instances, a bed wedge pillow may help alleviate the issue and promote restful sleep.

Sleep is vital for good health but if you’re constantly disturbed throughout the night, or in pain the following day, you probably aren’t getting the quality sleep you need.

A triangle wedge pillow is expertly designed to raise the head or the legs at bedtime, during reading or when napping, promoting comfort and relaxation.

What are the benefits of a wedge cushion?

Wedge cushions made from memory foam mold to your body’s contours, providing unique support. A wedge pillow is ideal as an insomnia aid but can also be used when reading or to provide relief in pregnancy.

A triangle wedge pillow elevates the torso to ease back pain and relieve unpleasant conditions like acid reflux and heartburn. It can be used to support the neck and open up the airways, potentially reducing breathing problems and the symptoms of post-nasal drip.

If you suffer from leg pain, a wedge cushion can also be used to elevate the legs, improving blood circulation and reducing swelling in the feet.

Back and lumbar cushion

Sitting without correct support can throw your posture off balance. Over time, maintaining improper posture can cause an array of orthopedic problems. A back and lumbar support cushion can help to correct your posture and promote comfort.

Why should I use a back and lumbar cushion?

If you work at a desk, or spend a lot of time sitting down, you may have noticed that your back begins to ache after a while. This is often as a result of poor posture. The spine needs to maintain its natural S shape but all too often we assume unhealthy positions when sitting for extended periods.

It’s easy to slump, slouch and sit forwards without your back flush with the chair but these postures can bring about a whole host of problems. Sitting unsupported can cause muscle tightness and fatigue, slouching applies stress to the lower spine and hunching puts pressure on the neck, mid and upper back.

A back and lumbar cushion is designed to fill the gap between your back and the seat, molding to your contours and providing support and comfort.

What are the benefits of a back and lumbar cushion?

Expertly developed back and lumbar cushions can help alleviate back pain caused by poor posture. If you spend a lot of time sitting down, a support pillow is ideal for enhancing your comfort levels or ensuring you can focus on your work without being distracted by backache.

Back and lumbar cushions promote spinal alignment with memory foam, which is firm enough to support your back but flexible enough to fit all shapes and sizes and relieve lower back pain and tightness.

A lumbar cushion can be used with an office chair, dining chair, in an airplane, car and with a wheelchair.

Flat seat cushion

If you suffer from lower back pain, pressure on your tailbone or numbness when you sit down, a flat seat cushion could be the solution. Made from supportive foam, flat seat cushions help to distribute the body’s weight more evenly and reduce pressure on your back and tailbone.

Why should I use a flat seat cushion?

Flat, hard surfaces can put pressure on the spine, tailbone, legs and buttocks - even conventionally padded chairs may cause a degree of pressure. The result of this pressure is often discomfort and pain, caused by pinched nerves and improper spine alignment.

By using a large flat seat cushion, you can feel more comfortable when you sit down to eat, to work or even to watch TV. Supportive foam cushions help to distribute the body’s weight evenly and take the pressure off your back.

A quality support seat cushion is flexible enough to fit your body’s contours and encourage better posture, while still providing the soft comfort you’d expect from a cushion.

What are the benefits of a flat seat cushion?

A large flat seat cushion can be an excellent investment if you experience discomfort when sitting down. Whether it’s at the office, while you’re using a wheelchair or driving, sitting can be much less uncomfortable with a professional seat support cushion.

By spreading the body’s weight and promoting spinal alignment, flat seat cushions can help to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with pinched nerves, tight muscles, backache and orthopedic problems.

If you suffer from numbness in your legs or buttocks, a seat pad can help inhibit this by promoting healthy blood circulation.

Memory foam knee pillow

Despite the name, a memory foam knee pillow can also help relieve backache. Supportive knee pillows are used to promote alignment of the hips, knees and ankles, which in turn reduces pressure on the spine and helps reduce back pain.

Why should I use a memory foam knee pillow?

Memory foam knee pillows are often used at night, placed between the knees to relieve pressure points and align the body. When lying on its side, the human body slopes downward from the hip to the knee, which puts pressure on the hips and causes the spine and lower back muscles to twist.

The result of this pressure is often back pain and discomfort in the hips or between the knees that may be severe enough to wake the sleeper.

If you suffer from hip, knee or back pain when you sleep or wake up in the morning, a memory foam knee pillow could help reduce pressure points and provide natural pain relief.

What are the benefits of a memory foam knee pillow?

Memory foam knee pillows can be beneficial for people with past leg injuries, pregnant women and those who suffer from back or sciatic nerve pain.

A support cushion designed to sit between the knees aligns the spine and provides natural pain relief, helping relax muscles relax and diminish soreness.

Knee pillows can also be used to aid restful sleep at night, to take the strain off the back and nerves during pregnancy and to help prevent pressure points among wheelchair users.

Memory foam mattress

Your mattress can help or hinder a restful night’s sleep, depending on the level of support it provides. Memory foam mattresses are professionally designed to promote relaxation and orthopedic alignment, reducing pressure points so that you can sleep better.

Why should I use a memory foam mattress?

If you find that you toss and turn at night, wake up periodically or get up in the morning with aches and pains, your mattress could be to blame.

Mattresses should be changed at least every five to ten years but it might not be the age of your mattress that’s the issue - it could be the type. If you suffer from poor sleep, consider replacing your mattress sooner with a memory foam alternative, which molds to your body’s contours for maximum comfort.

Memory foam mattresses are soft yet supportive, distributing the body’s weight evenly. In turn, this relieves physical pressure across the entirety of the spine, so you should experience less discomfort-related wakefulness.

What are the benefits of a memory foam mattress?

A top quality memory foam mattress promotes a better night’s sleep by aiding relaxation and comfort. Memory foam is effective in supporting the body and reducing pressure points so that night-time disturbances are kept to a minimum.

Supporting the back fully, memory foam mattresses align the body and promote spine health, relieving aches and pains.

Additional benefits include promoting optimum blood circulation and relaxing the muscles.

If you suffer from back pain, take a closer look at Xtreme Comforts range of support cushions - we have everything from memory foam mattresses to bed wedge pillows, designed to help relieve backache and promote a more comfortable lifestyle.