Top 4 Reasons to Use a Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Top 4 Reasons to Use a Gel Memory Foam Pillow

A good night’s sleep is hard to come by. You work all day, deal with the kids, and maybe even get some alone time before settling down into bed and closing your eyes. But sleep just doesn’t come. Instead, you toss, and you turn. You fight with your pillow, pummeling the bumps and lumps out of it, and still, you have to settle for a hot, uncomfortable pillow and a broken night’s sleep. Fortunately, a gel memory foam pillow has made it easier than ever to get a quality night’s sleep.

What Is a Gel Memory Foam Pillow?

The term gel pillow refers to any pillow containing individual layers of gel or gel-infused memory foam. There are unique qualities associated with different types of gel pillows. For instance, pillows filled with shredded, gel-infused foam often offer adjustable loft and are highly moldable, making them a good option for people who cuddle with pillows. We will tackle this type of pillow exclusively to discover what benefits it provides for those hoping to get a good night’s sleep.

A gel-infused pillow is often a combination of memory foam or polyfoam with gel beads or swirls. As mentioned above, most shredded fill pillows offer adjustable loft (or thickness); owners simply remove or add to the existing fill to decrease or increase the loft size.

Gel pillows are made for anyone with a desire to sleep better. However, they have been proven to work especially well with people who sleep on their sides and pregnant women. Side sleepers find gel-infused pillows particularly beneficial because they are soft, supportive, and moldable. When these pillows are combined with memory foam, they also help to align the spine and alleviate pressure points along the neck, shoulders and back.

Pregnant women find gel-infused pillows beneficial because they tend to become overheated during their pregnancy, and many sleep on their sides (see above). A gel-infused pillow will help a pregnant woman reduce her nighttime temperature and allow her to get the sleep she desperately needs. At times, pregnant women can use a gel-infused memory foam pillow between their knees or under their legs at night to further help with temperature as well as overall comfort.

Why Use a Gel Memory Foam Pillow

There are many reasons why you would want to use a gel memory foam pillow, and it certainly does come with many benefits. To highlight some of the benefits of using a gel memory foam pillow, here are the top four reasons people should use them to maintain a good night’s sleep.

1. It’s Completely Adjustable

As a pillow that comes with a sturdy fill made with a crosscut of shredded memory foam and gel-infused fiber, it is a simple process to adjust the pillow to your desires. You simply unzip the pillow and add or take away as much filling to fit your specific needs.

It’s that kind of customization that gives you high-quality sleep.

2. Avoid Breathing Issues and Allergies

Certain pillow fills, such as down and latex, can trigger allergies in sleepers. Most gel pillows are hypoallergenic and will not trigger these allergies.

If the pillow is created in a high-end production process, it will leave your gel-infused fiber pillow fresh and odor-free as a bonus.

3. It Can Help You Fall Asleep Quickly

Research shows that you fall asleep three-quarter times faster when using a cool pillow. Not only that but when you sleep on your cool pillow, your sleep will be three times deeper than with a regular pillow

4. Keeps you Cool and Comfortable

Many hot sleepers say that they sleep more comfortably on cooling gel pillows compared to standard foam or down alternative pillows. That’s because a gel-infused pillow will often incorporate a breathable, gel-infused polyester fiber blend to increase airflow and draw out heat for a cooling, comfortable night’s sleep.

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