3 Amazing Ways to Drape a Throw Blanket Over a Couch

3 Amazing Ways to Drape a Throw Blanket Over a Couch

Sherpa throw blanket provides excellent warmth and comfort during the winter season. You can also use these throw blankets for your couch to add that special flair to your living room.

Sherpa blankets inspired by Native American designs can add a flourish to your living room. An oversized blanket or a plush throw is a great choice for any living room furniture such as loveseat, armchair, or even a large sectional. However, the right style of draping makes all the difference.

Method 1 – Folding it Right

  1. Fold in Thirds
    If you value structure, then this draping method is perfect for you. The throw blanket shall stay in place no matter how many people sit on it or for however long. Fold the throw by bringing both ends into the middle. Then drape it over the furniture.

    You can fold a fluffy Sherpa throw blanket in half as well if it is dragging on the floor. This draping method can be used to put the blanket on the back, arm or the cushions of the sofa.
  2. Fold in Halves
    Some throws especially cable knit fuzzy blanket look better in a rumpled way or organized dishevelment. Toss it on the sofa or fold it in half for a natural and graceful look
  3. Fold in Quarters
    If you have a throw blanket which is too big for your sofa, then folding it in quarters for casual styling can prevent it from looking shabby. Drape a blanket folded in quarters directly on the corner of a sofa. Make sure to position a part on the cushion to make it seem like a part of the sofa.

Method 2 - Positioning

  1. Cascade
    Choose a singular side and cascade the blanket down in easy drapes for a modern look. You can choose any one of the folding options for an understated punch.
  2. Tuck
    Tucking fleece blankets in a corner can keep things cozy and provide for easy-access. This is a warm decorating style rather than a formal one. Place throw pillows on top of the blanket to make sure it does not slip.
  3. Throw it on the Arm
    If you want a sophisticated and tailored look, then fold your throw lengthwise and drape it on the arm of a sofa. You can add a personal touch by twisting the ends.

Method 3 - Decorations

  1. Colorful Throw
    You can choose a colorful throw like a Native American blanket to add vibrancy to your living room. Use bright colored throw blankets if you prefer singular color scheme. Multipurpose blankets are both functional and a great decorative piece. However, make sure that they are comfortable and durable.
  2. Textured Pillow
    Pillows or cushions can exaggerate the look of your throw. Find cushions that are comfortable and elegant. It is best if they are of the same color scheme as your throw. Pillows should be kept as per the size of your sofa. You cannot have more than 2 pillows on smaller sofa. However, sectionals and large sofas can hold anywhere from 4 to 6.

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